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GSync toolEnjay IT Solutions, spearheaded by Limesh Parekh, has been working relentlessly towards creating IT solutions for Indian SMEs that have transformed their bottom lines. Enjay’s products have helped over 300 companies to boost productivity, increase sales and improve their customer relationships. Taking their vision forward to help individuals organize their lives better with technology, Enjay recently launched GSync, a unique tool that helps one sync all their phone contacts and streamline with Google Spreadsheets and can be downloaded free of cost.

Enjay GSync was launched in the first week of February 2017 to a very enthusiastic response. GSync is a tool that helps one to sync your Google contacts with Google Spreadsheet. This two-way sync enables one to manage contacts from the Spreadsheet. So when you make a change in the Spreadsheet, it will automatically reflect on your phone too, as the two are synchronized. It’s a simple but much-needed tool that people have been awaiting for long, but didn’t know a steady platform that they could trust. Available on both, iOs as well as Android, it’s open for free download. It has had a record number of downloads within just a week of its launch.

There are a great many benefits of syncing your contacts with GSync. You make change in one place and it will reflect in the other. No more manually modifying changes on numerous machines. Sending group SMSes, importing to emailing solutions and making it much easier to go for automation, are just some of them. For those who use their phone a lot for work, the benefits are manifold. Organized groups, synced with GSync, make it a breeze to create work-wise groups for easy communication. For personal use, create separate categories that help you keep your various social circles sorted, like family, relatives, school friends and so on. You can even sync Google Forms to your contact list, to make data collection extremely smooth. Of course, you’ll never forget another birthday or anniversary, with your contact list updated! All these benefits come packed into one solid Enjay GSync tool.

Launching this free to download tool, Mr. Limesh Parekh, CEO, Enjay IT Solutions Ltd. said, “At Enjay, we’ve remained committed to providing cutting edge technology solutions to SMEs and individuals, at reasonable prices. We firmly believe that technology is of little use if people at large cannot benefit from it. Which is why Enjay GSync is available for free download. GSync takes our vision forward by filling in a gap in the market. With hundreds, even thousands, of contacts in our phones, it can get immensely painful to browse through them and keep them organized. GSync has been designed to sort this very problem out. Once you use it, you realize what you had been missing all this while. In our cluttered and busy lives, this is just what we need. A tool to tell us exactly who we are looking for when we browse our contact list.”

The Enjay GSync is available for download, free of cost, across iOS and Android platforms. So get it today and put your social and professional lives right on track!

You can download the tool on:


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