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Wipro Partners With IntSights To Deliver ‘Threat Intelligence As A Service’

Wipro Ltd., a leading global information technology, consulting and Wiprobusiness process services company, today announced a partnership with Israel-based IntSights Cyber Intelligence Ltd to bolster and expand its ‘Threat Intelligence as- a- Service offering.’

Intsights has developed a sophisticated cyber threat intelligence platform which provides advance warning and customized insights about potential cyberattacks and recommends remedial action. The company monitors the open, deep and dark web, including cyber-crime forums and social media platforms for signs of targeted threats against enterprises and provides alerts in near real-time to enable timely response and mitigation.

Wipro’s ‘Threat Intelligence as a Service’ offering delivers in-depth analysis of cyber threats originating from in-house sources and third-party sources or threat actors and provides enterprises with accurate cyber intelligence and incident mitigation strategies.

Sheetal Mehta, Vice President & Global Head, Cybersecurity & Risk Services, Wipro Limited said, “Wipro’s ‘Threat Intelligence as a Service’, aims to provide enterprises with targeted information centered around analytics, categorization and prioritization of cyber threats in real-time using proprietary data mining algorithms and unique machine learning techniques, apart from incident response and remediation capabilities. Our partnership with IntSights provides a solid foundation for an end-to-end solution spanning intelligence gathering to threat mitigation and remediation.”

“IntSights’ threat intelligence platform provides MSSPs (Managed Security Service Providers) with a powerful automated solution that collects, analyzes and remediates cyber threats for our customers,” said Guy Nizan, CEO and Co-Founder, IntSights. “Our partnership with Wipro will allow their analysts to focus their efforts toward investigating and researching threats, instead of deflecting time and resources to monitor a huge amount of sources and analyze irrelevant data.”