February 25, 2021

Windows Apps to be developed by Indian students

After creating a major app market for Smart-phones, it is now time to gear up for a decent app market for the Windows phone. For that purpose students in Karnataka will be getting together at the SJB Institute of technology Kengeri, Bengaluru.


More than 10,000 students across the various ends of the country will gear up to code applications for a whole day at more than 50 hub centres like the SJB institute of Technology on February 26.

Training sessions for the students who are interested in polishing their coding skills have been organized by various colleges.

Known as the AppFest, young developers will start coding under the guidance of Microsoft mentors, trainers and Microsoft Student partners. The application created by them will be then posted online in order to make an opportunity to make them available at the Windows Store after due diligence.

Free software like Visual Studio Express for Windows 8 and free Windows Store registration codes through Microsoft DreamSpark will be provided to the student at each of the various hubs.

The main focus of the apps will be on broad-based consumer applications, incorporating education, games, apps for social good etc.

In addition to submitting the apps for evaluation for a chance to get to the Microsoft Store, the training and experience received via this program will boost the students’ employability, and create a more capable developer ecosystem in the country.