Windows 10 Is Killing Nvidia Graphics Cards

If your computer has an Nvidia graphics card in it, then you should perhaps not upgrade to Windows 10 for some time. A number of users are reporting issues with their computers after installing a new update released by Microsoft.

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Windows Update is reportedly pushing out a newer display driver (version 353.54) for Nvidia graphics cards. As Forbes reports, this update is not yet available on Nvidia’s website, which is perhaps why its software management tool called Nvidia GeForce Experience is downgrading to the previous version – which is where the bottleneck lies.

A concerning number of disgruntled people are sharing their ordeal on GeForce forum. They note that the new update is causing glitches such as SLI and multi-monitor issues, poor benchmarks, display flickering, black unresponsive screen, abrupt reboots, and game crashing among others.

Considering that a vast number of users don’t have an option to circumvent this update makes the situation even more worrisome. Microsoft isn’t giving Windows 10 Home edition users the option to decide when and what updates they want. Neither are users shown the version number of the driver while they are updating via Windows Update.

Many users have expressed their concern over the ‘automatic upgrades’ in the past months. But Microsoft has repeatedly shot them down, and reassured that this is being done to keep everyone’s computer patched with latest security updates.

But, its stand on automatic upgrades might not be the right way to go about it. As true in Nvidia’s case, gamers could for a number of reasons – including maintaining consistent benchmarks, waiting for major releases, or having limited data availability – want to have the control over when they want to update their graphics card.

If Microsoft ever issues a half-baked update, or if its update doesn’t sit in line with other vendors’ drivers, it could affect a large number of users.

The issue also raises the question whether Windows 10 is ready for public usage just yet. Given the number of bugs people are reporting, it seems that there are still too many rough edges around the new desktop operating system. Microsoft is scheduled to release Windows 10 starting on Wednesday.


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