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WiJungle- World’s first unified network security gateway

WiJungle is  an online cyber security firm established worldwide.It is currently serving government and private giants across various sectors like hospitality, healthcare, education, BFSI, retail, defense, transportation, ITES etc. This company develops and markets ‘Unified Network Security Gateway.


Foundation and beyond

The company is founded by Karmesh Gupta and Praveen Gupta. During its initial stages, the company suffered a massive loss and it proved disastrous to its founders but they kept on chasing success and continued working sincerely and diligently which ultimately gave them results in 2017.Since then,the total investment is around Rs.11.5 Lakhs.

WiJungle has it’s headquarters in Jaipur and  has a network in more than 25 countries.The parent company is Http Cart Technologies Pvt. Ltd. WiJungle is now reckoned as the only single prominent player in the ‘Unified Network Security’ not just in India but also globally.


How it functions

Based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Multiple Language,WiJungle is an unified network security gateway product. It enables organizations to organize and safeguard their entire network by means of a single window. 

The company is world’s first all-in-one appliance that eradicates the need to have several standalone security products like Network Firewall, Guest Management Solutions, Web Application Firewall, Routers, Proxy Servers reducing the management and scalability challenges.This company has also reduced the capital investment of an organization by up to 60 per cent.

WiJungle has a proprietary operating system which is mounted onto a general server. Currently there are 26 different server models to serve organizations up to 12000 synchronized users.

Business model

The business of WiJUngle caters to various sectors like Ministry of Defence, NIC, Airport Authority Of India, Aljazeera Airways, Reliance Hospitals, The Hyatt, Lemon Tree, Royal Orchid, Fern, ESIC Hospitals, FDDI, SAIL, NALCO, CIPET, ICAR and Ministry of Shipping.

Success stories

WiJungle was awarded with the title of ‘The Most Promising Enterprise Information Security Product of 2018’ by  CIO Review. NASSCOM and Data Security Council of India have also conferred the title of ‘The Most Innovative Product of the Year’ to this company.

A Singapore based Startup-O  selected this company for its season 9 program – “Prove Your Mettle” 

In 2019, WiJungle won acclamation from the  Middle East, Africa and South Asia Region. Google had selected WiJungle as one of the ‘high growth potential companies’ for their digital accelerator program. 

Future prospects

WiJUngle is planning to  lift sales and marketing and obtain international certifications. It is looking forward to expand it’s market in South Asia, Africa and Middle East by next financial year.