WiJungle – The only product offering Next-Gen Firewall and Hotspot Gateway Capabilities

Mr.Karmesh Gupta Co-Founder & Ceo, HttpCart Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

An exclusive interview with IT.Voice Mr. Karmesh Gupta-Co-Founder & Ceo, HttpCart Technologies Pvt. Ltd. ,reveals his strategies for business in India .
ITVoice Media :- Explain in brief the working of HTTPCart Technologies?
Mr.Karmesh Gupta :- HttpCart Technologies is majorly focused on creating innovative products in the field of security. Currently we are keenly working on our flagship product – WiJungle.
ITVoice Media :- What exactly WiJungle is and who all are your customers?
Mr.Karmesh Gupta :- WiJungle is basically an Advanced Gateway Appliance that serves the purpose of a Unified Threat Management and Hotspot Gateway. Its the most affordable product in its vertical with models ranging the user support from 20 to 3000. Infact, WiJungle is a Government Of India recognized product for its innovation and service improvisations.
Coming to customers, WiJungle is currently the only product available in the Indian market that uncompromisingly fulfills the need of every possible vertical. You can use it in Corporates, Education Institutes, Hospitality, Healthcare, Transportation, Retail, Apartments and Events etc.
ITVoice Media :- Who all are your competitors in the market and how are your different from them?
Mr.Karmesh Gupta :- Like usual, this particular market is majorly been driven by MNCs. And currently there is no prominent Indian company in this domain. Cyberoam used to be before it got acquired by Sophos. So yes competition is obviously there but if you offer something unbeatable or uncompromising then you make tough for others to sell. Happiness is when an enterprises chooses to replace a running MNC product with WiJungle. We have seen/achieved this at multiple places in very short duration of our journey.
Talking about the differences from existing ones then yes we are very much different in terms of how we operate with our partners and how we serve to our customers. Just as an example, we don’t allow our partners to put a purchase order until and unless the customer has taken the demo through us. This really helps us to win the trust and confidence with end customers. The prices and 24*7 Call & Email technical support with 90 minutes resolution time is the commitment with which we work. Technically if we compare, then WiJungle is the only product having features of both Next Gen Firewall as well as Hotspot Gateway. We have always been focused on adding more and more business value over the technical benefits. The product is continuously evolving and every 20th day we are launching our new OS version to solve the existing real time problems and gaps that a customer has been facing till yet.

ITVoice Media :- As you mentioned partners, can we know how big is your partner network and what are your targets?
Mr.Karmesh Gupta :- We started marketing the product well since last September only. Currently there are 45+ partners working with us across India. We have partners working with us from Kerala to Jammu & Kashmir. We are aggressively working to increase the network and targeting to have 150+ partners by June end.
ITVoice Media :- WiJungle website displays two different products – Advanced Gateway Appliance & Advanced Social Wi-Fi. Can you clear the difference between them?
Mr.Karmesh Gupta :- Advanced gateway appliance is what I have been talking about till now. Advanced Social WiFi is a mini version of Gateway appliance only for target market like small restaurants, cafes etc. This is a low cost product to increase the reach of internet.
ITVoice Media :- Lastly who has been your inspiration to start the company?
Mr.Karmesh Gupta :- It might sound cliche, but I always wanted to do something different and establish my own identity. My first professional experience was with Rajasthan Royals and since then there has been no look back. Few of my seniors like Mr. Saket Modi (CEO, Lucideus Tech) have been an inspiration for me in many ways. In a nutshell, its majorly the inner itch within me that made me to start the company.
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