Wi-Fi Sense feature spotted in purported Windows Phone 8.1 video


Ever since the Windows Phone 8.1 SDK files first leaked, we have been witnessing new features and functionalities in the upcoming smartphone OS via images and videos in good numbers. This time an alleged video shows the Windows Phone 8.1 to arrive with a Wi-Fi Sense feature.

The video by Unleash the Phones, who brought us the purported Cortana voice-based virtual assistant walkthrough video, has now highlighted the Wi-Fi Sense feature under the ‘Settings’ option in a 30-second video.

The video shows the Sense function hidden under the ‘Wi-Fi’ tab in ‘Settings’, including a regular Wi-Fi On/Off tab alongside a new ‘Turn Wi-Fi back on’ option, with options like ‘in 1 hour’, ‘in 4 hours’, ‘in one day’ or ‘manually’. Two options – Wi-Fi Sense and Manage are also seen on the same page.

The ‘Wi-Fi Sense’ tab, aimed at helping save mobile data, gives user the option of connecting automatically to Wi-Fi hotspots, with options like ‘accept terms of use for me when required’, and ‘provide a name, email, or phone number when required’, to ease the signing-in process to the hotspot. Users can also edit what information they can share.

With the leaked Wi-Fi Sense feature, users also have the option to ‘share Wi-Fi networks I select’ with a specific bunch of contacts, such as Outlook and Facebook contacts, with the option to require permissions. The menu explains, “Share Wi-Fi networks with these contacts. They get Internet access if they use Wi-Fi Sense, but they don’t get to see the shared passwords. You’ll also get Internet access through the networks they share.”

The ‘Manage’ option on the other hand, is seen including two check options – one that keeps Wi-Fi on even when the screen times out, and the other that sends ‘information about Wi-Fi connections to help discover nearby Wi-Fi.”

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