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Why is Adoption of Society Management Apps Increasing?

Granted, the pandemic has plunged us into a crisis like never before. However, it has been instrumental in revealing the true potential of digitisation. The apartment segment has seen an increasing rise in demand for digitisation for society management. In the pre-COVID era, majority societies were heavily dependent on manual intervention at every step – be it billing, collection of maintenance funds, gate security, accounting and auditing. Social Distancing and the priority concern for safety of the residents has brought in a need to automate and digitise.

What does a comprehensive Society Management System do?

Housing societies, apartment complexes, gated communities have very specific needs. In order of priority, they are :

  1. Maintenance Billing & Collection

  2. Facility & Asset Maintenance

  3. Gate Security

  4. Emergency Management

Softwares like ADDA take into consideration the entire ecosystem of apartment living while modeling their solution.

A pioneer in the industry of apartment management, ADDA is in its 11th year. It is the only apartment management software in the market that is Auditor Approved and GDPR compliant.

What differentiates ADDA from its competitors?

  1. ADDA focuses on the primary need of its users – financial sustainability. All residential society Associations fall under the ambit of the Societies Registration Act, 1860. Meaning they are not for profit organisations. The Associations are entirely dependent on Maintenance Collection as their lion’s share of revenue to maintain their Communities. ADDA’s ERP modules are designed to achieve some distinctive objectives:

    a. Increase collection by reducing the defaulter rate. It ensures the Management Committee does not have to increase maintenance charges to fill the revenue gap.

    b. Automated entry into a digital book of accounts. This ensures all financial statements are accounted for. Not only does this promote a culture of transparency, but it also helps to make the year end auditing process easier.

    c. The ERP module is constantly updated to incorporate the latest Community taxation structure. This helps Associations save taxes as well as escape tax penalties.

    d. Their detailed ERP is online. In the course of the pandemic, this factor proved to ensure none of their users had any problem in closing their books of accounts on time.

  2. The software is designed to increase ROI. Their robust Facility Management and Asset Management helps their users to leverage their existing assets to generate more revenue for the Community. Long standing ADDA users have reported ROIs as high as 200%.

  3. In the true spirit of Vocal For Local, ADDA was the first in their segment to leverage their Discover platform to empower local vendors. The Discover platform is seeing a consistent rise in listings and services availed. The wide variety of services offered range from Essential Services like Grocery Delivery, Medicine Delivery, Doctor Teleconsultation to Necessary Services like Move In/Out, Car Servicing, Appliance Care, Elder Care. These services are not just offered by local vendors but they are all at-home services.

  4. ADDA’s Emergency Management feature is two fold – for immediate help there’s Panic Alert that sends an SOS message to all listed trusted contacts on triggering; in moments of crisis it also gives access to a list of Emergency numbers that specifically serve the neighbourhood of the user.

ADDA has also tied up with several local innovators to integrate hardware to the software. Be it water metres or gate security hardware, the system is designed to encourage such technological integration to help in a Community’s all round digitisation. ADDA stands by its vision that automation and digitisation is the path to empowering Communities to become all rounded sustainable, self sufficient units.

The COVID crisis saw the software innovating to help its users further. Home Quarantine Tracker, In-house Delivery Hub were designed to control the spread of the virus in the Community at the grassroots level. These features can also be used once the pandemic crisis is over. Keeping in mind the importance of Association elections, the software has also made Online Ballot easily available for all communities irrespective of their subscription status with ADDA. The Free Essential Pack of the App was released early this year for the sole benefit of Associations and private residential layouts amidst the Pandemic crisis. This has proved invaluable to disseminate correct instructions to Community residents and made the basic requirements of Community management contactless.

ADDA’s decade-long success in this industry is for the product and more. The brand holds a record of zero data breach since its inception in 2009. The brand genuinely cares about its users. To that effect it has painstakingly created an ecosystem where Communities find help with other ancillary society level services like Revenue generation schemes, waste management, STP management, etc. The company’s Rise High Awards are a testimonial to its vision of helping to create a sustainable, self sufficient Residential Space. Bonus fact : ADDA is one of the few mainstream native Super Apps that is entirely India funded.