WhatsApp group admins to soon have more control over new members

Whatsapp group would be really convenient if you create large groups quickly. A whatsapp group link allows admin to share with relevant users who want to join a group via link. This convenience opened the security vulnerability as the group link can go in wrong hands and anyone would join the group. The new whatsapp update is now looking to correct this issue. The latest Whatsapp Beta update  includes Admin Approval feature, when it gets enabled the admin of Whatsapp groups gets the option of allowing or denying the requests of the people who are joining the group be group link.

The Wa Beta Info suggests that this feature is currently only for limited users and will be available for every version of app of Android and iOS  soon. When the group membership approval feature is turned on, whenever someone will try to join the group via link, admin will get the request of allowing or denying the request in a group info section. Then admin can allow the entry of  the person in the group.

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