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WhatsApp Crash: Suspected URL Link triggers App failure on Android

WhatsApp crashing due to a suspected URL link
WhatsApp is crashing over a suspected URL (File Photo)

The most popular and friendly freeware cross messaging platform, WhatsApp is suffering from a bug problem which is largely attacking the mobile phones of android users. However, WhatsApp has immensely worked on ensuring the security and privacy of personal information, and has achieved exponentially in achieving this feat too. With it’s editing feature to arrive soon (read about it on clicking the link), where a message could be edited for 15 minutes after sending thus increasing the potential of safety insurance for its users, and giving them a reliability over the messaging-app.

But currently in Indian Sub-continent, a suspected link or URL is surfacing through forwarded messages, which on opening is crashing WhatsApp on mobile phones. This can be a major threat to the reliability aspect of the app, as such cases have been quite frequent with the app, as WhatsApp has a large community of users, so naturally the hackers will target large masses at one go.

Some claims are made on the recent updated version of the app, that the update is held responsible for a weak gatekeeper system and using this advantage the URL is able to breach through WhatsApp’s security and hanging phones when opened. But these are supposed rumors, and stand no solid ground. Despite its smooth and enhanced user experience, as well as its robust end-to-end encryption, WhatsApp is not impervious to temporary setbacks. One such incident involves a recent bug that allegedly causes the Android app to crash on certain devices.

Talking about the solution if such a mishap happens to you, just login to your WhatsApp Web version, open the chat which has the cheated link and simply delete it. Considering the issue to be spreading like Wildfire, we expect that the servers at WhatsApp have received the bad news and are immediately working on a solution for it. The Web version has shown no impact to the link, so it’s advisable that users who have to stick to WhatsApp for business purposes majorly should have access of the app through web only.

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