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Though PC gaming is still a fledgling sector in India, it has started showing signs of coming of age. This can be mainly attributed to those champion gamers who have not only excelled at the national level, but also have made a mark at the international level, representing India with success. The common factors that unite them, in addition to excellent gaming skills and a never-say-die attitude, are quick decision-making, faster reflexes, better agility, and improved hand-eye coordination.

And of course, a high performance gaming PC with hardware components that perfectly complement these factors.

Talking about components, it is the motherboard, being the central hub of the PC, that allow all other plugged-in components to communicate and perform successfully with each other. In other words, the quality and performance of the motherboard, to a large extent, influences the performance of the PC and also, the gamer.

Many of the champion Indian gamers prefer GIGABYTE motherboards for going for the kill in the gaming arena. Here’s what they say:

Tejas Sawant

Winner: ESL (Electronic Sports League) India Qualifier 2014; CyberSeries Asia (January) Qualifier; Professional Gamers (Pro-Gs) Counterstrike: Global Offensive Online Tournament Season 1; AnimusGS Game Pyramid CS:Go Tournament; BYOC 2013; CyAC CS:Go India Tournament Season 1; CyAC CS:Go India Tournament Season 2; DSK Game Kshetra 2013 Mumbai Qualifier; PlayFactory eSports Tournament; Clan Wars III – Mumbai; Represented India: ESWC (Electronic Sports World Cup) 2013 – Paris; ESL (Electronic Sports League) – Cologne; Team: MTS GameGod Wolf; Game: CS:Go

Tejas Sawant“I have been using GIGABYTE motherboards since five years, and currently am using GA-Z87M-D3H with the Intel Core i5 4670 processor. They have top-notch build quality, are very durable, and result in winning performances.

“For good gaming performance, even medium-range motherboards are fine, provided they offer first-rate support for SLI/Crossfire, memory and overclocking, among other similar things. To be honest,

GIGABYTE motherboards in this range fits in my budget, and have never let me down vis-a-vis my passion – gaming.

“For online competitions, high performances PCs play a crucial part in winning. By using PCs with GIGABYTE motherboards, I have till now not faced any FPS (frames per second) drop issue while playing online.”

Sagar Vyas

Winner: WCG ((World Cyber Games) – Mumbai; ESWC (Electronic Sports World Cup) National Finals – Goa; ESWC Qualifiers – Mumbai; Navi Mumbai Mayor Cyber Gaming Championship 2011; DSK Game Kshetra 2011; Several national-level gaming contests at college events / fests; Runner-up: GoG (God of Gaming) – Bangalore; Top 16: World Championship – ESWC (Electronic Sports World Cup)

Sagar Vyas“To a large extent, I attribute my victories to my high performance rigs powered by GIGABYTE motherboards. I find GIGABYTE motherboards’ durability to be awesome, and the gaming performance they bring about, is way ahead compared to other brands.

“Though GIGABYTE motherboards are easily available with competitive pricing, and good post-sales services (I got an immediate replacement when I had a problem with my board), I would prefer if the company releases more gaming-specific models in the Indian market.”

Saurabh Patnoorkar

Winner: Digital Wars Online – Season II. Member: Rapier Gaming Dota 2 Team

Saurabh Patnoorkar“I prefer like GIGABYTE motherboards mainly because it’s very durable. In long gaming sessions, this feature helps ensure smooth performance, while providing reliable and stable performance in the case of high CPU loading. In DOTA specially, where even a one second lag can change the game completely, stable and durable performance is critical.

“Most of the gamers want a motherboard that is compatible with current generation RAMs, future generation CPUs, and with as many graphics cards as they would like. GIGABYTE motherboards are made for this, making the cost of upgrading lower.”

Ranjan Naik

Qualifier: ICGC (Indian Cyber Gaming Championship) DOTA2 Elite League Alienware Game Victorious 2012 Battlegrounds. Member: HeavenBlockrZ Team

Ranjan Naik“I have always gone for GIGABYTE motherboards because of its Ultra Durable quality features, outstanding BIOS, and ability to bring out the best in graphic and application performance. They ensure high performance from PCs, which in turn, boosts the frame rates.

“Moreover, even entry level GIGABYTE motherboards have a longer life span with a performance level good enough to please any casual or upcoming gamer – who look at optimum cost-performance ratio.”

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