What is the scenario of the Drone market in India?

Being cleared to operate and make use of in India, drones are gaining both commercial and governmental importance in Indian markets. Consequently, the drone market is expected to rise at a rapid rate/ rise steeply within the immediate forthcoming years. Their military uses are also vast. UAVs and aerial reconnaissance aircraft (piloted remotely) are gaining heavy importance.

According to experts “Indian drone tech startups are expected to hit the market with innovative solutions for the civilian domain. In such a scenario, the drone job market is likely to grow, with jobs such as UAV operators and pilots to software developers and engineers. While many people take to flying drones as a hobby, wedding photography and videography has become a huge use-case for flying drones. Add to those industrial and environmental situations where drone steering skills help enormously. A FICCI and EY report noted that the Indian unmanned aerial vehicle (UAS) market would touch $885.7 million by 2021 when the global market size will be $21.47 billion. This will create jobs. Drone-related careers can open up for pilots, UAV operators, engineers, and data processing and analysis experts. Potential positions range from full-time to contract-based work, even internships across many industries.”

Lynx – Lawrence and Mayo, a reputed Indian engineering equipment provider has partnered with ideaForge to offer highly specialized drones in the Indian market. This partnership has marked a significant development towards countering challenges in various sectors across the country including weather monitoring, agricultural technology, and development of urban areas. These sectors will witness increased speed, productivity and improved planning using drone technology. Many more sectors and industries shall get faster and more reliable with the propagation of drones through this partnership with Lynx. In order to get a first-hand experience of how these drones function and to have a tete-a-tete with the spokespersons of Lynx and Idea Forge we welcome to the Idea Forge plant at Navi Mumbai. Discussions on how this association is poised to create a paradigm shift in surveillance systems and land surveying in the digital world would ensue in the backdrop of demonstration of advanced drones. 

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