Webnext Technologies Launched India’s 1st Cloud Reminder Service IMP-Reminders.com

logoTechnology is the mantra of survival in this 21st century. And therefore, India is no exception, as it envisages a ‘pioneering role’ cut out for itself in not only embracing the technology in its’ life style, but also spearheading a movement to usher in a revolution in this field too. And, this great technological movement had started when India had tested its’ nuclear weapon to herald it’s’ arrival on the forefront of technological growth.

True to the nation’s dream of evolving itself further in terms of quantum jump in this field of technological renaissance, Webnext Technologies Launched India’s Ist Cloud based reminder service called IMP-Reminders.com, a portal which will establish a landmark -a milestone, another feather to the already swelling crown of Technological innovation to enable the people across India to enjoy an unfathomable benefits sitting at their homes.

It will facilitates every Internet user to keep all their important day to day work in a system which will automatically remind them their important Meetings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Doctor’s Appointment, Insurance Renewal Date, Project Deadlines, Picking Up kids from School, Paying Bills & anything & everything that is to be kept in mind.

Many people keep their reminders on their phones, different computers, etc. The problem is that none of their reminders are in one location. In addition, what will happen if their Mobile gets lost? If their Computer Crashes? Every thing they stored is gone!

The perfect solution is to have an Online Application that has nothing to do with Mobiles & Computers, all should be in the Cloud.

With IMP-Reminders.com all your reminders are in one location, so you will never have to worry about that again. There is no software or downloads required, it is Simple & Secure. If you create or edit a reminder, that update is instantly in the cloud for all your computers and devices to recognize. No synchronization is required because you are actually using the reminders in real time.

With this now it is possible to empty your busy mind & leave everything to them. Keeping aside all these you can now focus clearly on your Profession & release your stress. That is why they call this Magical Concept as “Your Online Brain”.

No matter which part of the Country you are, you will definitely receive their Reminders.

While the development was in process they felt to take up a Social Initiative. They will support the ” Go To School ” campaign, where they will educate the under privilege children who wander in streets, to Go To School & teach them the benefits of Education in life. “We shall make our dream into reality of 100% Literacy in India.” says Mr. Nitin Sharma CEO & Founder of IMP-Reminders.com