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Webinar Successfully Wrapped Up – Utilize the full power of cloud – BLACKbox One Cloud!

Utilize the full power of cloud - BLACKbox One Cloud
Utilize the full power of cloud - BLACKbox One Cloud

As we say our digital assets are our design, drawing, documents, spreadsheets, accounts, emails. Digital assets could also be our intellectual property, business secrets, NDA Bound information. Did you realize that how much have you invested in creating these digital assets. Digital assets is the investment of man-hours, transaction, communication, collaboration. If these digital assets gets lost in a disaster or it goes in wrong hands. Our company needs a reliable data loss, leakage and theft prevention system.

BLACKbox empowers your enterprise to achieve objectives to prevent data loss, data leakage, data theft  from servers, laptops, desktops, tablets and mobile phones. Synersoft is a very few Indian company with Indian products which are solely focused on small and medium enterprises of India, who are larger employment generators for Indian economy and largest contributors to Indian economy.  It is used for business continuity, for protecting our competitiveness. They recently held a Webinar on “Utilize the full power of cloud – BLACKbox OneCloud” in collaboration with IT Voice Media.

This online webinar was held on 30th August 2022, from 3:00 PM to 4:00 pm. Audience from different parts of the nation had joined mainly including people from being a managed service providers, resellers and more.

Mr. Vishal Shah, Co-founder and CEO of Synersoft Technologies
Mr. Vishal Shah, Co-founder and CEO of Synersoft Technologies

Mr. Vishal Shah, Co-founder and CEO of Synersoft Technologies had addressed all the audience with their insightful knowledge about all the ongoing issues and concerns going on and how Blackbox can fulfil all the gaps to prevent the data with its best features and functionalities.

The webinar started off with Mr. Vishal Shah demonstrating the ins and out on BLACKbox One Cloud which is a new product launched by Synersoft. Synersoft was started in 2008 and is in this on premise business majorly. Synersoft is seed funded by Government of India, incubated by CIIE  Indian Institute of management. It has bagged many prestigious awards and recognitions. The expectation from  ideal cloud product would be visualising what an MSMEs would require want to bring their business on cloud.

Mr. Vishal told about cloud workspace working all around BLACKbox One Cloud, mentioning about how to make the best use of BLACKbox One Cloud. He also explained and briefed about how we can use the software in many different ways as BLACKbox One Cloud offers many functionalities following on their footsteps of “One Service One Agent One Cloud”.


BLACKbox One Cloud is one of the best Cloud solutions out there available for any enterprise to opt for and make the best use out of it and as well as prevent and manage the data in the way it is supposed to.

After a great session by Mr. Vishal Shah, later on Mr. Tarun Taunk from IT Voice Media addressed all the audience about the amazing session by Synersoft – BLACKbox. He mentioned how this session could bring awareness amongst the business in the market and brand growth and how important are these solutions for the working sector.

Tarun Taunk from IT Voice Media addressing the audience
Tarun Taunk, CEO and Chief Editor IT Voice Media addressing the audience.


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