We understand the customer requirement and are able to manufacture Tablets which match their expectations – Anoop Kumar, Sr. General Manager(CEO) Simmtronics

Q1 -What’s the USP of Simmtronics what makes it different from others in this sector?

Anoop SinghAns It is the only Tablet Indian Tablet Manufacturer; we understand the customer requirement and are able to manufacture Tablets which match their expectations apart from that the price of these tablets are cost-effective, we have kept the demand of our customers at the forefront, apart from that we also manufacture the basic units of the tablets like mother-boards, RAM ad etc, which is an additional plus point to accentuate the strength and value of our products.

Q 2 -What was the idea behind starting Simmtronics Xpad.? How have you started it, was there any dream or any motivation behind it?

Ans- Tablet market is at an ascent stage and there is a huge potential, it will also face a paradigm shift in future. Customer wants to own a high quality tablet but can’t afford the high price of the other overrated MNC brands. There was a gap between them and the low priced-low quality Chinese tablets. We started XPAD with the aim of bridging this gap; we don’t sell our products at exorbitant rates rather we focus to keep the rates down-to-earth. Rather than setting a burgeoning focus we tend to focus in one single direction, that is our customers.

Q 3 -Do you have any chain or other similar project?

Ans- We have a chain of factories both in India and abroad. We are dotted all over with our indispensable presence, and bespoke yet unmatched quality. Apart from our engraved presence in India we are also far-stretched in Singapore, Dubai, Germany and Taiwan.

Q4 -Have you ever thought of its current success in its early phase?

Ans- The response is surely a big nod from our side as the response from the market was more than expected and we are constantly trying to innovate and fulfill the customer requirement both in terms of price and quality. In its early phase as well our presence is global, recently we have fetched a deal worth $10 Million Dollars as well from the Middle-East countries to manufacture high-end tablets.

Q 5 -What were the major challenges you had to face in its establishment,

Ans- Two major challenges that we had to face one was to build a credible channel and  provide necessary marketing inputs, and second was to procure quality components.

Q 6- Could you please share those days of your struggle to make Simmtronics Xpad a brand.

Ans -Simmtronics had a name in IT, namely the RAM and motherboards, Tablet as a category was new and had to be established. This meant putting up a state of factory as the initial foundation,  getting the right people and most importantly maintain the same high standards of Quality for which Simmtronics was famous for, thus when we laid a foundation stone our agenda was that we needed to

Q 7- Anything special that you want to share with our readers about Simmtronics. Any memorable moment that makes Simmtronics special to you?

Ans- The special moments were when we were awarded the 3rd largest Tablet manufacturer in the world. Apart from that it is the top 5th memory companies of the world.

Q-7 Apart from your professional life, could you share something about your personal and family life.

Ans- I have a small family- wife and son, my son is pursuing his MBA from Bangalore and wife works as Director Education with SOS Children’s Villages of India. My experience is now aged 27 years in the electronics industry.

Q 8 -Something about your hobbies, what do you like to do in your spare time?

Ans-  Do lot of reading on varied subjects. I am always hungry for knowledge.

Q 9 -What is your field of interest apart from the business?

Ans -Other than my business I teach marketing subjects at one of the IMT study center.

Q 10 -Do you take any interest in films, sports or politics?

Ans- Outdoor sports only, I love to play sports, its my passion always to play varied sports.