“We plan to strengthen our GTM strategy to give us leverage in terms of better reach and delivery”.-Mr.Manoj Kumar, CEO of Astrum holding ltd. – IT Voice | Online IT Media

“We plan to strengthen our GTM strategy to give us leverage in terms of better reach and delivery”.-Mr.Manoj Kumar, CEO of Astrum holding ltd.

An exclusive interview with IT.Voice Mr.Manoj Kumar, CEO of Astrum holding ltd.,reveals his strategies for business in India.

Mr.Manoj Kumar, CEO of Astrum holding ltd.

Nisha Harshwal:-What is your vision on Astrum for the next two years?

Mr.Manoj Kumar:-Since the inception in Hongkong in 2008 until now, the key aim of the Brand remains unchanged: to enable people to get worldwide access to new technologies, in the field of consumer electronics. Astrum aims to make people ‘Experience the Difference’. Part of this extensive portfolio of is an unparalleled range of over 1000+ unique products across 40 categories. Whether it is for Mobile Accessories, Audio devices, IT or LED Lights, Astrum has put all the efforts to break the trade-off between innovation, quality and cost. In sync with the vision the Brand has recently launched its IOT based products (Smart devices) too. Astrum is known to provide robust, reliable – yet affordable high tech devices all around the globe and the same shall translate to the Indian Markets.

Nisha Harshwal:-What are some of the challenges that lie ahead in front of the Astrum’s business?

Mr.Manoj Kumar:-As we all know Indian IT market is very price sensitive. The customer wants the best of both worlds – pricing as well as the latest technology. In this competitive environment, we feel that the customer satisfaction for their demands leads to a long term relation with the customer. The next set of challenge being, the growing clutter in the Indian Markets where we have seen several sub-standard quality products leaving a dent for the Industry. Understanding this, our success mantra remains Innovation, new technology and after sales and we already have a clear strategy and plan in place for the same.

Nisha Harshwal:-What is your channel policy in India? What kind of channel expansion are you looking for in the near future?

Mr.Manoj Kumar:-Astrum is currently focusing on building a strong channel network. We are a very channel friendly company and believe in growing with our channel partners. We consider our channel partners as an important part of Astrum as they do contribute to our brand image. For channel expansion, we currently have undertaken several Training camps on ‘new technology’ in India as we believe this is where the future is and our channel which brings first hand info for the Brand needs to have learnings for it. Hence these camps enable two-way communication for the brand where we understand the needs of our customers and for channel it’s the opportunity to understand the upcoming trends in technology and sharing what is more needed from us. Apart from this we also are working on several channel friendly schemes and policies as this pathway is not a short term but long term association for the brand.

Nisha Harshwal:-What are the initiatives taken to popularize Astrum ?

Mr.Manoj Kumar:-Astrum has been a part of several events and ongoing shows as we believe this shall help us tap the right audience. For promotions, we have defined our Online and Offline strategy differently. Our Offline involves a complete 360-degree campaign keeping ATL and BTL in mind while for Online we have been focusing on niche segments and Digital engagements to bring the desired results. Lot of work in progress here.

Nisha Harshwal:-What kind of strategy have you planned to position Astrum product successfully in the market?

Mr.Manoj Kumar:-With relentless commitment to quality, consistent dedication to customer satisfaction and wide sales & service network, Astrum offers new dimension in Technology. Appointing new partners and key team members at different geography & Expansion in terms of product portfolio by bringing niche solutions, along with a strong partner and team remains the key focus area for the brand.

Nisha Harshwal:-What are you expansion plans for the Indian Market? How do you plan to go about? 

 Mr.Manoj Kumar:-We plan to strengthen our GTM strategy to give us leverage in terms of better reach and delivery. Not just that, our business plans have special focus on after-sales service at its core. Our channel partners will play a key role in sustaining and expanding the brand’s presence in the country. We are very confident about establishing a stronger foothold and building brand awareness in India.

In order to reach the final mile, we have adopted a 360 degree approach to have the widespread reach targeting not just Tier 1 but Tier 2/Tier 3 cities as well.

Nisha Harshwal:-What is your outlook for the overall IT market?

Mr.Manoj Kumar:-The Year 2017 has been a roller coaster ride – Thanks to GST and Demonetization. With Demonetization, adoption of Digital currency/Digital India brought a new facet among many IT industry, where 50% of the Industry use to operate on cash now has seen a new transsion altogether. The industry in moving towards merging multiple streams into one i.e. Traditional IT, Smart devices, Mobile as now more and more products are interconnected.

In terms of some trends, that will change the world – Datafication of  our lives, IOT, The rise of artificial intelligence and 3D printing is something to look for.  

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