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“We have developed specific SOPs for conducting every business operations effortlessly.”-Mr. Ankit Dudhwewala, Co-Founder, SoftwareSuggest.

Nisha Harshwal:-What is the vision and USP of SoftwareSuggest vis-a-vis other players in the same domain?

Mr. Ankit Dudhwewala, Co-Founder, SoftwareSuggest.

Mr. Ankit Dudhwewala:-In this rapidly growing software market, finding the right software or service providers for your specific business needs is rather a challenge. To help businesses find the right software or Service and serve as a top SaaS provider, SoftwareSuggest came up with an idea of developing a software and Service providers discovery & recommendation platform.

SoftwareSuggest, being the first-ever of its kind in India, offers a comprehensive list of more than 50,000 software and services across 800+ categories to help businesses meet their software or Service needs. At SoftwareSuggest, we send the data into our machine learning algorithm, which helps in connecting a business with the right vendor in no time.

Nisha Harshwal:-What new policies and strategies have the company initiated to make this business model a success.

Mr. Ankit Dudhwewala:-For achieving our objectives, we strictly adhere to follow the ‘Standard Operating Procedure’ (SOP). At SoftwareSuggest, we have developed specific SOPs for conducting every business operations effortlessly.

Currently, we have a team of 100+ employees, and we are working towards making our organization a better place to work. We organize different events to promote collaboration among different departments and team members.

  1. We host events like Open House quarterly wherein each team elaborates on their work, goals, and achievements of the previous quarter.

  2. We arrange yearly trips to different places so that team members can get a break from their routine and have some fun.

  3. We arrange sports tournaments once every two months, and

  4. We also set up family lunch/dinner once in a while, where the families of the team members are invited to our office. The idea here is that the family member should know where his/her son/daughter is working and with whom.

These activities have helped us ensure culture doesn’t take a hit as the number of people increase. It helps ensure a feeling of belongingness and productivity.

Nisha Harshwal:-India is experiencing an economic slowdown, how much has it affected the MSME sector?

Mr. Ankit Dudhwewala:-India is facing an economic meltdown and it has adversely affected the MSME sector. We are noticing its effect on the strong growth seen in the SaaS industry in the past 5 years. Thus, revenue growth in many SaaS companies have either remained flat or witnessed a reduction. But, with the rising software demand, the software market may still have a positive story for India. Despite the economic slowdown, Indian tech industry or SaaS companies will soon be in recovery mode.

Nisha Harshwal:-What are the expansion plans of the company?

Mr. Ankit Dudhwewala:-So far, we were only listing and suggesting different types of software on our platform, and helping businesses connect with the right vendor. Now, we have started listing service providing companies for about 50+ different categories. At SoftwareSuggest, we have even created a fund to help software companies grow. With this, we are aiming to develop a bouquet of software products just like Zoho and Freshdesk.

Nisha Harshwal:-Can you mention some of the clients and also the industry verticals which are popularly served by SoftwareSuggest?

Mr. Ankit Dudhwewala:-

  • We are serving across SaaS, financial, banking, retail, Human resource industry verticals.

  • Key clients: Zoho, Oracle, Tally, Sage, TCS iON, RingCentral, Salesforce, Hubspot

Nisha Harshwal:-Is the company planning any major collaboration? If so, please share the details.

Mr. Ankit Dudhwewala:-As of now, we are working on a few collaborations with some big companies. However, we cannot disclose the information regarding the same.