‘We Endeavor to Provide Cost-Effective and High-Quality Products’ says Sam Wang, CEO, MaStar Electronics.

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Sam Wang, CEO, MaStar Electronics

Taiwan Based young and dynamic brand, MaStar is offering the memory solutions including USB flash drives, memory cards, solid state drives, memory modules, and power banks.  Mastar Sales boom in India shows that the brand has met the expectation of our clients. In A recent conversation with ITVoice,  Sam Wang, CEO, MaStar Electronics shares his views on different aspects of Business model


ITVoice: Your R&D in Green technology is very appreciative, as you use 100% lead-free products, so what’s next ?
Sam: We will be committed to improve in product packaging by making it thinner, lighter and smaller to reduce the usage of paper and plastics. Additionally, our products are mainly made of metal material for less plastics using. We will also advance the standard of environmental certification on our product line of plastic casing.


 ITVoice:  Comment on “Price-War In Asia”.
Sam:In fact, price-war is not merely in Asia; consumers around the world are all pursuing products with excellent performance at a low price. The business opportunities at the base of the pyramid (BoP) are far more than in normal market, yet there are few enterprisers take it seriously. For MaStar, this is an open door to the mass to provide high-quality and cost-effective products and to enhance consumers’ digital life.


ITVoice: What’s the comparitive scope & challenges for you to become more profitable ?
Sam:I have been in this industry for over a decade and once fought alongside one of the world-renowned brands. MaStar aims at the opportunities of the BoP and stands on its feet against difficulty without fear. In the future, our challenge will be to abidingly satisfy customers’ demands through the rapid growth of the company. We are planning to steadily grow in this competitive market.


ITVoice:  What are the most important factors in building successful business relationships?
Sam:It is necessary to find steady suppliers and keep inventory on hand in order to make instant delivery. As for pricing, we have to predict the fluctuating market to fix an approachable retail price. Offering high-quality products and continuously creating new products are basic factors. Also, providing excellent after-sales service and making effective communication are important.


ITVoice: How do you market yourself ?
Sam:The best way to get products to market is make them promote themselves. We endeavor to provide cost-effective and high-quality products at different prices according to various demands. Customers can choose what they exactly need. It will be our success in marketing that customers come up first with MaStar when they have a demand.


ITVoice: Why people buy SSD when flash drive unit is there with energy efficiency & fast data transfer ?
Sam:SSDs are quite different from flash drives in terms of application. An SSD uses a SATA III 6Gb/s interface and is an affordable and effective choice to increase your computer’s performance. The desktops and laptops which are equipped with a non-SSD drive take much time on data access. Switching to an SSD as a system drive can see a noticeable speed boost on disk access, no need for big changes in hardware. It can be taken as the best way to upgrade your computer.


ITVoice: Are memory cards a good media to back up our data on?
Sam:In my opinion, there is no storage device that can back up data without any risk. It is suggested that you back up the same files separately on at least two devices. To store your precious memories, it would be better to back up in two memory cards. Since there are no mechanical components in memory cards, your important files can be stored permanently in a proper range of temperature and humidity under the circumstances that no file is written into the card.


ITVoice: Which product of your’s is most revenue generating at present ?
Sam:For now, the most profitable product is the memory card, then the flash drive and the SSD. MaStar will expand product portfolio with more types of storage media to offer consumers various solutions at decent prices.

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