October 21, 2020

“We believe our partners are the front face of market interaction and business proposition.” – Mr. Alok Kumar, Business Manager – Asia Pacific, Synway Information Engineering Co. Ltd.

In an exclusive interview with IT.Voice, Mr. Alok Kumar, Business Manager – Asia Pacific, Synway Information Engineering Co. Ltd. , reveals his strategies for business in India.
Mr. Alok Kumar, Business Manager – Asia Pacific, Synway Information Engineering Co. Ltd.

Nisha Harshwal :- Tell us about the journey of Synway?
Mr. Alok Kumar :- As a leading VoIP enabling-technologies provider since 1990, Synway has been partnered with applications & solution providers worldwide to deliver turkey solutions for enterprises and telecom carriers. Based on long-standing business network, Synway’s appliances and equipments, with third-party compliant software platforms from some mainstream vendors (Avaya, Microsoft Lync, Panasonic, Alcatel, Siemens and more) have served 5,000 plus customers, including contact centres, financial institutes, public security, government agencies, service providers, hospitality and operators. In ever-changeable environments, Synway’s long-term goal would be of partnership with vendors of cloud-based unified communications, providing enterprises and SPs with a complete range of cloud-based applications, including Video and Audio Conferencing, Contact Centre, IP-PBX, Unified Messaging, Social Media Services and more.

A leading player in the multimedia communications market, Synway has fundamental power to deliver multimedia and signalling technologies for service providers and enterprise solution providers to create the innovative service and applications. Decades of experience and market-oriented strategy has enabled Synway to not only deliver cutting-edge products, but provide its partners with competency to rapidly and economically deploy value-added solutions in the continued evolutions.

Synway possesses IPRs for all product portfolios in global markets, and has allocated 10-15% annual revenue into R & D and 250+ Technical Sourcing. Synway has adopted ISO9001, CE, FCC, RoHS, 3C and more. With business partners in 50 countries, Synway, with its partners together, reassures local presence, professional technical support, sales support to value-added service partners and enterprise solution developers around the world.

Nisha Harshwal :- How does your company help their partners to flourish?
Mr. Alok Kumar :- We believe our partners are the front face of market interaction and business proposition. We have divided pan India into five regions – North, South, West, East and Central. Each region will be operational by our regional partners.

We have divided our partners into four slabs: SRD (Synway Regional Distributor), SAP (Synway Authorize Partner), SRP (Synway Reseller Partner) and SOP (Synway Online Partner). After taking the market survey we tried to reduce the pain of the partners which they frequently faced in any other association. On top of the priority will be safe guarding the business interest of the partner.

Nisha Harshwal :- What are your strategies to maintain the quality of your products?
Mr. Alok Kumar :- Quality is something where we are very strong and dedicated our self on regular basis to become premium. As a quality oriented corporation we pursue 5 basic principles which we believe are the most which influence any business:

1) Well-timed Completion of Commitment;

2) Rectification of your mistakes on high priority;

3) Investment in training and R&D;

4) Dedicated support team;

5) Positive attitude

Nisha Harshwal :- How do you compare Indian Market to International Market?
Mr. Alok Kumar :- As a global player we are successfully operational in more than 50 countries however Indian market is more important to us. A recent report by India VoIP Market Forecast & Opportunities predicts a 27% annual growth rate over the next five years in the Indian VoIP market. It cites increased 3G/LTE deployments and greater broadband coverage as major contributing factors. Also helping drive the market forward are government initiatives, increasing Indian purchasing power and massive market diversion from TDM to IP.

Nisha Harshwal :- What type of response you getting after launching of the new products?
Mr. Alok Kumar :- Before officially launching any product we always get the local live quality feedback from our distributor and market end.

We put our product on any live enterprise solution to get the real time feedback to maintain and upgrade the quality of the product. So after launching the product results are always on our favorable side as clients always reserve the bulk order before officially launching any product in the marketplace.

Nisha Harshwal :- Whom do you consider as your biggest competitors’ of your field?
Mr. Alok Kumar :- We are not considering anyone as our competitor although we are the competitors for others. We are the single manufacturer in the industry which is competent to provide the entire hardware interface for any Telco delivery method from low to high density with Telco-Grade Reliability.

Nisha Harshwal :- What are the plans of Synway in this financial year?
Mr. Alok Kumar :- As per our calculation market is growing more than 27% which was predicted by India VoIP Market Forecast & Opportunities. Because of our versatile product category in our bucket we are able to furnish any business segment whichever they are any giant ISP or Enterprise, SME or SMB either any SOHO segment client.

We are working with Builder lobby’s, Enterprises, Internet Service Providers, hospitality industry, School or Universities, Automation Industry and there are many more. Government is also very active in terms of digitalization campaign we are working closely in numerous projects with them. We are expecting this financial year there will be a major changeover in the IT and Telecommunication industry.

Nisha Harshwal :- Where do you see Synway in today’s Indian Market?
Mr. Alok Kumar :- Synway has traveled a long journey in India; we have successfully completed more than 10 years in this marketplace. As a widespread face in the Industry we have positioned our self as renowned brand. We are working with that passion and zeal to add more clients into our database with the help of our advanced technology.

We invest more and more into R&D to gain more technology from the technology. There is a major revolution going on from the TDM to IP technology in India. The government is playing a vital role in terms of digitalization and upgrading the traditional technology which we are following since commencement.