October 30, 2020

” We believe in offering the best quality products with high-end specifications at affordable prices”- Mr. Chiranjib Sarkar, National Sales Head, Ziox Mobiles.

An exclusive interview with IT Voice, Mr. Chiranjib Sarkar, National Sales Head, Ziox Mobiles.
Mr. Chiranjib Sarkar National Sales Head, Ziox Mobiles
Megha Mary – How does the channel manage to provide smart phones with great features in such an affordable price range?
Mr. Chiranjib Sarkar- For Ziox, our customers always come first. We believe in offering the best quality products with high-end specifications at affordable prices, thereby, empowering users with luxury at attractive price points. Our priorities lie in equating value for money with features, we currently have an in-house manufacturing unit and design team of our own with the complete hold on supply chain of our offerings. This enables us to deliver quality-packed products that create their own benchmarks that run on the lines of affordability and functionality.
Megha Mary- When everybody is rushing towards smart phones, how do you manage to keep up the remarkable sales in feature phone market?
Mr. Chiranjib Sarkar- The mobile market growth in India is largely attributed to rural markets. However, there are several key pain points when it comes to smartphones for the rural population – technological barriers from rural perspective, lack of vernacular content, inadequate battery life of smartphones etc, which is where feature phones have an upper hand; Ziox focuses on new utilities in a feature phone keeping the segment buzzing.
“We have recently launched feature phones with selfie camera and internet support. Apart from this, our devices are extremely affordable & distinct from the other brands available in the market. It is the several value-added features all packed in a feature phone that has helped Ziox establish a stronger foothold in the feature phone segment. Lately, we do see a change in the consumption pattern, where our features phones are no longer driven by Tier 2 and Tier 3 Cities but have also stroked a chord with the metros.”
Megha Mary- Have you witnessed any change in the sales of feature phones when smart phone took a toll on the mobile market?
Mr. Chiranjib Sarkar- The smartphone market in India has been growing rapidly, but still feature phones have a lot for users, especially in Tier II and Tier III towns where feature phones still outsell smartphones. Now, the Feature phones which were all about basic messaging and call have seen revival of sorts and has gone smarter. 
To keep the consumer engagement high, we at Ziox are innovating in the segment with new feature sets that are relevant for present day users: bigger batteries which can act as power banks, selfie cameras, large speakers to give a surround sound feel, stylish looks and several other developments all at budgeted prices. Also, most of our Feature phones are equipped with some entertainment applications & minor increments like Pre-loaded content, Games etc.
The segment is not focused only to the lesser known brands; in fact, several popular brands are aiming on establishing its stronger foothold, underlining its importance especially in rural markets.
Megha Mary- What strategies have been adapted to maintain the sales of the feature phones?
Mr. Chiranjib Sarkar- The differentiation for Ziox, lies in its focus on creating a comprehensive, end-to-end consumer mobility solutions ecosystem. The focus is to deliver the most consumer centric products enriching the user experience. Also, building the products specifically for non-metro consumers we are focusing on key aspects of products, i.e. camera and power back up we constantly upgrade our models to attract the attention of a wider audience.Megha Mary- When is the channel planning to launch Ziox air purifiers and LED TVs?
Mr. Chiranjib Sarkar- Ziox very recently has entered the Mobile Accessories Market; we have launched Power Banks and series of products strengthening our debut portfolio.  Also for the Air Purifiers and LED TV’s, we are closely watching the segment and we will foray into these in near future.
Megha Mary- What are the mobile accessories channel which is about to launch?
Mr. Chiranjib Sarkar- Taking our legacy, of Innovation and differentiating products further, our Mobile accessories range will resonate the same thought.
“In the series of first we come up with Power Banks ‘PBZ-509 Zelfie and PBZ-609 Zelfie’ but the twist here is with the selfie function. For the first time in India, there is an addition of Power Bank with a selfie function (shutter), the ultimate multipurpose smartphone accessory.”
We shall further be focusing on the same line, with products that establish their USP’s in the minds of the audience, empowering them with the latest at best prices. 
Megha Mary- What are the other smart phone models the channel is about to launch?
Mr. Chiranjib Sarkar- After being named a frontrunner in the feature phone market in India, we wish to strengthen our presence in the smart phone segment. Our newly introduced smartphone models under the ‘Astra Series’ bear witness to promise to deliver the finest products to our customers. By offering feature-driven devices at highly competitive prices we are sure to become a preferred brand in the smart phone arena shortly.
Megha Mary- What is the marketing strategy of the channel for the smart phone market?
Mr. Chiranjib Sarkar-We have adopted two type of Marketing strategies to highlight our mobile phones;
1) Trade marketing  Strengthening relations with channel partners with interactions on regular interval, incentivization in the form of schemes etc.
2) Consumer Marketing – we have laid out a strategic plan for BTL activities across India. We hope to organize more offline marketing strategies to intensify product adoption. A celebrity endorsement is also on cards and by the end of 2nd Quarter, we will launch a 360-degree campaign to engage with our target group.
Megha Mary- What has been the response of the Ziox smart phone users?
Mr. Chiranjib Sarkar- We at Ziox, have received an impressive response from Indian consumers as well as our channel partners for our Smartphones. This was marked by a dramatic increase in its demand. One of the reasons for this tremendous change in sales is because the approach that we have adopted has innovative solutions that adhere to our ever-evolving audience.
Megha Mary- What are the other features the channel would like to add to their smart phones?
Mr. Chiranjib Sarkar- Ziox as a brand acts in accordance to the needs and demands of its customers. Their every need is answered in terms of a high-quality, feature-driven mobile phone available at competitive prices. The varied requirements of the consumer force us to go above and beyond in ensuring that they leave the stores, satisfied. The need for a better camera and battery is a commonality observed across all brands. Thus, we have decided to work towards providing our user with better battery life and more pixels. Ziox works at upgrading their phones with every launch.
Megha Mary- Tell us about the ‘111 Replacement Policy’.
Mr. Chiranjib Sarkar- ‘111 Days Replacement Policy’ was launched by Ziox Mobiles on 1st February 2017 and applied only to feature phones. 
“The policy aims at empowering its consumers with the ability to replace their Mobile Phones over the period of 111 days. It will help ingrain, in the minds of the consumers, trust for Ziox products and will help maintain their stronghold in the cluttered Mobile market.”