We are providing Cabinets & Enclosures Systems For Datacentres, Telecom, SmartCities,City Surveillance Projects, Wi-Fi Projects & Defence Projects-Mr.Anurag Bhandari CEO&Founder,RAckOmEnclosure System. Delhi-N

Mr.Anurag Bhandari,CEO and Founder,Rackom System

An exclusive interview with IT.Voice, Mr.Anurag Bhandari,CEO, & Founder, RAckOm Enclosure System. reveals his strategies for business in India .

Mr.Anurag Bhandari,CEO and Founder,RAckOm Enclosure System

Nisha Harshwal:-What will be your growth strategy in India for this financial year?

Mr. Anurag Bhandari:-Our strategy will be in more emphasis on entering in Government Projects like Smart City, City Surveillance ,Defence Projects, Solar Projects, Rural  &City Wi-Fi  Project  .

Nisha Harshwal:-What are the new products are rackom planning to launch?

Mr. Anurag Bhandari:- Definitely we are aiming & committed towards bringing & developing such products that helps in growing Infrastructures sectors Such as Electronic Vehicle chargers & cooling solutions for Solar and smart city project. We are also planning to introduce fire Resistant Enclosures for financial institutions, Government Ministries Projects and for petrochemical segment.

Nisha Harshwal:-What is your expansion plans & What’s there for System Integrators &partners?

Mr. Anurag Bhandari:- Since we are associated with many reputed System Integrators who are largely providing their services to Defense sectors, Smart Cities, IT-Telecom & Solar Projects. Also we understand that providing them a quality product with economy solution compared to other reputed brand in the market. Our products are almost 5-10% cheaper than other brands in the market while keeping the higher standard of Manufacturing quality. Which saves their valuable time & money in their AMC & CMC Contracts With the Government bodies, Private IT Companies &Telecom Operators.

Nisha Harshwal:- What type of projects /market segment you are selling your products?

Mr. Anurag Bhandari:- As we have already talked about Our core market in above conversations that we are into manufacturing &Supplying of Indoor & Outdoor IP55-IP65 Enclosures & Standard rack Solutions having all relative Quality Certifications &Safety Certifications. Apart from our core strength in IT &Telecom segment, we are now pushing hard entering into Solar Projects, City Surveillance Project, Smart City Projects& Defence sector Projects.

Nisha Harshwal:- What are the major reputed project executed by RACKOM SYSTEM so far?

Mr. Anurag Bhandari:- Well ,So far we have Executed &supplied our products to many Smart Cities & City Surveillance projects  in different States & Cities within India like Haryana,Delhi,Odisha,Chhattisgarh ,Chennai ,Kolkata . Recently we have executed a Railway signalling projects in India & a huge solar projects in African country.

Nisha Harshwal:- Whattypes of technology & solutions you offer in your products?

Mr. Anurag Bhandari: –We are providing economy cooling solutions, remote monitoring of environment parameter in our cabinets. We have special cabinet for Coastal areas where corrosion rate is very high.We have product range complying RoHS guideline to save environment from hazards of toxic material.

Nisha Harshwal:-Where you see Rackom After 5 year from now?

Mr. Anurag Bhandari:- We want to establish Rackom Enclosure brand as India’s most trusted Brand & Vendor by Providing Quality Products & Services also by adopting the latest technology manufacturing standards.

Nisha Harshwal:- Why customer choose Rackom as their preferred partner for OEM ?

Mr. Anurag Bhandari:- See, only mere product or Box selling is not our aim. We provide complete solution to end user discussing project requirement & challenges. We offer our solutions gained through vast experience and installation challenge at sites.

Nisha Harshwal:- What is your focus on emerging market like south Africa, Gulf and south Asia market?

Mr. Anurag Bhandari:- RAckOm has already a good presence in overseas market. We have exporting to UAE, Nepal, Myanmar, Bhutan, African Countries. We have target to double our export in coming financial year.

Nisha Harshwal :- Who & Which Brand is your Major Competitors In the Market & how you Compete them in Projects.

Mr. Anurag Bhandari :- See, first of all we Believe in healthy competition only, if I talk about Our Major Competitors those are Rittal, LeGrand,Schneider Electric APW &NetRackbut truly speaking all these brands are doing great as far as their quality is Concern& these are World’s leading brands too,and we at RAckOm adopting the same quality standards for our products and here I will not hesitate to mention that we RAckOm learns from these World leading Brands. 

Nisha Harshwal:- Now The Final Question to you … What is the RAckOm USP?

Mr. Anurag Bhandari:- Quality, Commitment& Competitive Price, and this is why Our Products have presence From Highest Mount Everest Base Camp to African Sahara Deserts.