“We are committed to simplifying the complexities in private markets through an innovative mix of people and technology.” – Mr. Kanav Kalia, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Oxane Partners

Kanav Kalia - Oxane Partners

Here’s the interview snippet from the interaction with Mr. Kanav Kalia, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Oxane Partners

IT Voice Spokesperson: How are your tech platforms helping the investment managers in the private markets industry?

Kanav: We work with the global markets division of investment banks covering private market asset classes such as private credit, real assets, etc. Our tech platform seamlessly integrates with banks’ internal systems giving bankers the confidence to capitalize on new opportunities in the market. Even with the rising data volumes, our solution helps managers grow their business further while also maintaining full control of their investment portfolios.

One of the greatest challenges that the investment managers face today is data proliferation issues with rapidly rising investment volumes and fast-growing asset classes, while also tackling the rising regulatory demands. Our portfolio management tech platform efficiently addresses the above issues to provide investment managers with the flexibility of adding newer underlying asset classes to their multi-asset portfolios with ease.

Moreover, we provide an exceptional combination of asset-class expertise and robust technology platform, which not only helps managers enhance their productivity but also helps them optimise overall costs. This also gives the managers the critical ability to scale their businesses, eventually supporting them in their investment strategies with a renewed focus.

IT Voice Spokesperson: How has innovation in technology improved private markets?

Kanav: The private markets industry is relatively new, it only surfaced on the ground after the Global Financial Crisis in 2008. It emerged as a major alternative to the public markets industry (capital markets) post the major clampdown by banks who moved away from the middle market and risky lending owing to the stringent regulatory environment post the 2008 crisis. Only in the last 10-15 years, the private space has grown, that is why the private markets industry has low tech adoption compared to public markets.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to providing any standard solution to clients as every client has a different requirement. Having understood the bespoke nature of service delivery, we are bringing efficiency through our highly flexible and customizable, cutting-edge technology solutions.

At Oxane Partners, we are focused on simplifying the complexities in private market space through digitalization and strengthening the private markets tech ecosystem. Further, to bridge the technology gap between private markets and public markets (i.e., capital markets) we are relentlessly accelerating the tech adoption in the private markets space and constantly evolving to be the pioneers in moving the industry forward.

IT Voice Spokesperson: Briefly explain the working process of domain experts and the technology combination.

Kanav: In an industry like private markets, strong asset class expertise is considered the holy grail for solution providers like us, if not more, because we directly deal with investment managers and risk managers, who are staunch finance experts with a not-so-deep understanding of technology. Consequently, it becomes imperative for us to speak their language and make their front and middle office operations smooth by bringing to the table not only the tech expertise but also the superior domain expertise to provide them with ongoing support throughout.

Also, it is not viable for these managers to just buy a half-baked technology solution covering their multi-asset portfolios as technology needs to be continually updated and requires ongoing support from dedicated domain experts. For this reason, we provide a comprehensive offering that consists of an apt combination of people+ technology.

At Oxane Partners, we have a laser sharp focus on helping the investment managers and risk managers among others to reap the benefits of technology to solve their most complex challenges in the private markets industry. Having profound understanding of finance and technology domains, we believe that we are well-positioned to enable the entire change management process in the private markets space.

IT Voice Spokesperson: How is the brand planning to expand further in the next quarter in terms of technology?

Kanav: While the specifics of the private markets industry continue to reveal a strong and growing sector, the most important characteristic of the industry is its complex and nuanced nature. So, rather than just the next quarter, we plan for the longer term. Starting 8 years ago with just a transaction advisory offering, we have evolved to develop the in-house portfolio management technology platforms into our suite of solutions and service offerings.

Talking about our expansion plans, we are currently focusing on tapping the large potential of the US private markets industry. Having a thorough understanding of the market dynamics in the US, we plan to bring more uniformity in our US-focused solutions, as the market is highly coherent, unlike Europe, where a lot of focus is on customization because of multiple variations across jurisdictions.

Moreover, the US is comparatively more advanced in terms of technology, as a result, the right approach for us to win over the market would be how perfectly we provide the combination of domain expertise with technology platforms. For the obvious reasons, we are already building on our strength for the US market as we have a dedicated team of credit analysts possessing strong asset class expertise, who relentlessly work on our in-house technology platforms for ongoing support to clients.

IT Voice Spokesperson: Briefly explain the USP of the brand. 

Kanav: It is important to note that the private markets industry today is growing not only in size but also in complexity. As a result, it is absolutely necessary for us to constantly keep evolving to support new and complex investment strategies, providing a one-stop solution for investment managers with multi-asset portfolios.

We carefully listen to our client’s specific needs and address the minutest of the challenges faced by investment managers. We draw our confidence from the extensive exposure our senior leadership has in the field of the private markets industry. They have years of experience working closely with various investment banks and firms that understand the underlying challenges and operational nuances of the private markets space.

We offer a unique combination of technology and domain experts which helps in the smooth functioning of client teams as it provides them with a renewed focus on their core functions to scale their business further, whereas the operational heavy tasks are managed by our offshore team of domain experts on the technology platforms.

It is worth mentioning that our one-stop solution for the overarching needs of fund managers goes one step further with its integration capabilities, which is centrally accessible to all investment professionals, be it, risk managers, portfolio managers, or asset approval teams. This integration functionality creates a ‘data highway’ between various systems in a firm’s technology stack and rules out any information gap between different teams, eventually allowing them to derive insights from the coherent data much faster.

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