November 25, 2020

“We are a lifestyle brand, we believe in long term relationship with our consumers.”- Mr. Gautam Shah, CEO, Cadyce.

Mr.Gautam Shah, CEO, cadyce

An exclusive interview with IT.Voice, Mr. Gautam Shah, CEO, Cadyce  reveals his strategies for business in India .
Mr. Gautam Shah, CEO, Cadyce
Nisha Harshwal :-  What are the uses of USB-C technology?
Mr.Gautam Shah :- Type-C is a plug and play technology. There is no need for drivers and owing to its fast data transfer capabilities and charging speed, it is certainly a matter of time until everyone gets on the brand wagon. Most importantly, it is flexible in terms of use. It can be used in all devices like our mobile phones, tablets and personal computers. Until of late we are seeing that the USB 3.0 is being replaced by the Type C cable. And this is being a disruption in the space of the consumer electronics. Clearly we know that newer versions are far efficient than their predecessor. Thunderbolt is another form of Type C and this replaces the micro-USB. Today traditional cables come with a lot of weight and several ports.
Nisha Harshwal :- How relevant is it in the industry of data-networking and connectivity?
Mr.Gautam Shah :- In our industry, data sharing is very important and with faster transfer speeds today thanks to Type-C, we are able to consume and share a larger bandwidth of information be it video, images or any other data that takes up large space. This is most reliable form connectivity technology for the ultimate consumers of data. Being secure and having lesser loss in data, this will outdate all predecessors and put us on a growth curve.
Nisha Harshwal :- What are your surge strategies for upcoming years?
Mr.Gautam Shah :-Today Cadyce is the only company in the world having a wide range of Type-C devices including cables, adapters, multiport adapters, hubs and more.
As we are focused on premium lifestyle choices for consumers, we have also developed travel hubs and adapters for all our Type-C variants. The USB business is absolutely evolving. If a Type C cable is offering transfer rates at 10GBPS, and Thunderbolt at 20GBPS, the rise of the already-developted 40GBPS variants makes it a future-proof innovation.
Nisha Harshwal :- What types of devices use USB-C connectivity?
Mr.Gautam Shah :- USB C is available with mobile phones, tablets , computers and security devices. More to that, the networking devices we use today like Wi-Fi routers and adaptors are USB-C ready.
Nisha Harshwal:- What are the advantages that Type-C scores over other sister- technologies?
Mr.Gautam Shah :- Again, plug and play is a very important aspect of USB-C. The final consumer commands fast data transfer speeds with Type-C as compared to the older ports such as Micro-USB, USB 3.0 or 2.0. Smartphones are becoming more compact with larger screens. This means that charging speeds must also surge higher than normal standards. USB-C is designed to have transfer speeds upto 40GBPS.
Nisha Harshwal :- Which family of electronics adopts this technology?
Mr.Gautam Shah :- The smartphone industry is coming up with newer models and accessories. These accessories and phones are also welcoming of the USB-C technology taking into account of its fast transfer speeds and versatility. Family electronics that include mobile phones, cables, pen drives, security devises and other personal computer peripherals also fall under this sector. Manufacturers of more complex machinery like office servers and other high-power computing machines would also accommodate such innovation. All these peripherals and machines are utilized by IT sector and home consumers alike from various walks of life. This only means that this entire gamut of consumer will eventually learn of these advantages and adapt to its ports.
Nisha Harshwal :-Is there any major collaboration the company would like to share?
Mr.Gautam Shah :- We are the only company in the world working closely with Type-C manufacturers and distributors. And being the first to launch such a wide range to the world gives Cadyce an edge in bringing the technology to the final consumer with an easier and updated lifestyle.
Nisha Harshwal:-Are there any other accessories apart from USB, the channel plans to launch?
Mr.Gautam Shah :- Taking into consideration the USB-C port family, we will be launching an even wider range for the travel and hand-held mobile segment in the coming months. Thunderbolt 3 is amongst our most important announcements and we intend to make this widely available on a
global basis.
Nisha Harshwal :-What is the vision of the channel?
Mr.Gautam Shah :- Cadyce intends to be very user-friendly. As we are a lifestyle brand, we believe in long term relationship with our consumers and providing them with what is entering the market and not limit it to the IT sector alone. We want to take our consumers forward and grow together in the same parallel.
Nisha Harshwal :-What are the marketing strategies of the company?
Mr.Gautam Shah:-We focus on the tier-B and C cities. Metropolitan reach is also a part of our main strategy of distribution. We want to make the data-sharing and networking industry aware of the wide possibility of ranges that can be unearthed.
Nisha Harshwal :-What effect has the increasing use of smart phones left on the sales of company’s IP camera other than surveillance ones?
Mr.Gautam Shah :- Sales has surged due to increasing familiarity of smart phones among populations no doubt. Over and all, increasing number of people are using various gadgets. And these gadgets pull the consumer to learn of neighbouring innovations. The more technology-savvy a consumer may get, the more curious they will become buy on impulse. Communication is very easy and fast nowadays. The telecom industry has helped in bringing faster speeds and computer manufacturers have collaborated to uphold one growth pattern. This affects the core business of a country rather than only just companies and brands.
Nisha Harshwal :- Are there any line products the company is about to introduce to market?
Mr.Gautam Shah :- Travel sector is booming. We intend to launch a docking station for travelers, hubs and adapters. This will approach in the months of July and August, in the year 2017.