“We always keep our channel partners updated with regular training programs”.Mr. Sanjit Chatterjee- CEO of REVE Antivirus

An exclusive interview with IT.Voice,Mr. Sanjit Chatterjee- CEO of REVE Antivirus,reveals his strategies for business in India .

Mr. Sanjit Chatterjee- CEO of REVE Antivirus

Nisha Harshwal:-What will be your growth strategy in India for this financial year?

Mr. Sanjit Chatterjee:-1. We are looking forward for higher penetration into the SME sector with our EPS product for windows.

  1. Another segment, which we are focusing is the Govt. departments. We have already listed our products on the Govt. E Marketplace (GEM).

  2. We are looking to distribute our products in few more states such as Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Eastern Uttar Pradesh.

Nisha Harshwal:-How is REVE Antivirus looking at its Indian operations? What are the top most priorities here?

Mr. Sanjit Chatterjee:-India is a large market and we have a differentiated Endpoint Security Solution, which we have started deploying in enterprises. Our speciality is that we learn from our customers and bring customized solution for them. We hear from our customers, when it comes to providing solutions.   Talking about our top most priority, we would be focusing on our endpoint protection and grow in the SME Space.

Nisha Harshwal:-How REVE Antivirus could introduce products with low price?

Mr. Sanjit Chatterjee:-Low price is not our motto but we believe in offering value products to our customers.

Nisha Harshwal:-What is your upcoming “Endpoint Security” for India?

Mr. Sanjit Chatterjee:-We are in the process of adding many new features in our Endpoint Security Solutions in the next quarter. Employee monitoring will be one highlighting feature, which will allows employers or admin to measure the productivity of the employees by number of ways like tracking system idle time, screenshot capture etc. This feature will help organizations increase the productivity of their employees.

Nisha Harshwal:-How many channel partners are working with REVE Antivirus at present?

Mr. Sanjit Chatterjee:-At present, we have 5 channel partners working with us in India some of them are Kosmix ,  VinR Enterprise,  Parshwa Enterprise and Data Structure, Asset Infotech and Elegance. Apart from our distribution partners, we have 400 retailers, who are associated with us. We are also adding up many new retailers every month directly and under our distributors.

Nisha Harshwal:-Please tell us about your strategies and service network.

Mr. Sanjit Chatterjee:-Mentioning about our service network, we can say that we have set up our 400 retail partners, who are selling REVE Antivirus products to their customers. Our product support is available 24 x 7, which is one of our strong points. Apart from active support, we always keep our channel partners updated with regular training programs.

Nisha Harshwal:- Q).What is the new challenges that you face in relation to the Indian market?

Mr. Sanjit Chatterjee:-Indian is a price sensitive market, where cost plays an important role that influences the buying decision. Consumers often gets confused with the number of choices available in the market. It’s seen that many new entrants have been trying to lure costumers floating low cost products; however are those products up to the mark and follow the required security standard? That is a big question.  Many brands do not have Microsoft certification, and it is seen that consumers often ignores the fact.

We have also seen that many consumers often do not renew their product after their license validity is over. So they get more prone to virus attacks.

Another challenge which we face is rural market, where most people are still not aware about their importance of using an antivirus software. So here educating people is highly necessary regarding cyber security and internet threats. We have been conducting workshops for this purpose across several states and we plan to continue this initiative.

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