March 6, 2021

WD Declares April to be Backup Month

WD has declared April to be backup month. The world’s leading storage manufacturer has urged consumers to put their own backup plans into place using five top tips to safeguard precious personal content for years to come.


You’ve taken the time to store it on your desktop or laptop; everything that matters to you, from financial to sentimental. But you’re just one virus, one spilled coffee, one stolen backpack away from losing it all,” says Khalid Wani, Sales Director, Branded Business – India, Middle East, and Africa, WD.

“We urge consumers to backup all of the personal data that they store, regardless of platform. It’s more than just the purchase of a hard drive; we want to help consumers ensure that their content is being safeguarded with the help of automatic backup software like WD SmartWare and personal cloud products like the My Book Live range. We would like to send out this call to action as a stark reminder of the value of personal content; priceless and irreplaceable memories that we’d hate to lose”, elaborates Wani.

Unlike CDs, DVDs and even web-based cloud backup options, external hard drives with automated backup software remain the most cost friendly, hassle free, reliable, quick and secure approach to backup.