Ways to Moniter someone else Computer secrately


Digital spying is a criminal offense. Monitoring another person’s computer the prior permission is federal crime. There are few specific conditions where you are allowed to monitor someone else’s computer.An employer is allowed to watch upto certain limit on employees computer. Parent can track their children activities as they are legally responsible for the child. Today we have 3 ways to legally monitor activities.
1. Parental Control Tools
Both windows and OS X have built in feature that let parents keep tab on child’s activity. You can easily activate it to ensure child’s safety using these tools. Both platforms offer optimum required features. You can easily block or monitor website and app usage, limit the computer usage, filter apps and games by age restrictions and even block certain hardware access like cameras. Both platforms require you to setup a child’s account. This is the easiest way to monitor your children’s online activities.
2. Active Track.
  It is an easy to configure tool to track your employees activities. The software lets your monitor several employees at once. Detail report on user’s activities has been provided. Admin can login into a web based dashboard to view activity usage stats. Productive and unproductive usage can set up as custom categories. The tool records statistics on when and how often applications are used. You can also setup the tool to track screenshots of user activities. ActiveTrack sends alert messages when a user begins specific blacklisted activity.
3. Specter

  Specter is an advance tool for long-term investigation. The tool is recommended to be used if you have a serious suspicion that an employee math might be doing something illegal. The tool takes screenshots every 30 seconds, it triggers screenshots if some specified keywords are used. It tracks website usage and and records chat logs. The tool sends detailed analytical report of all activities of the specific terminal. Employer can also enable to record keystroke activity, the software also records password inputs. All the apps by Spector soft are paid software.