WatchGuard Technologies Offers Insight Into Need for Information Security Visibility

According to recent research from Frost & Sullivan, information security professionals don’t have nearly enough visibility into the information they are tasked with securing. This visibility gap can lead to data loss and being susceptible to attack.watchguard

In a recent on-demand webinar with WatchGuard Technologies, Frost & Sullivan Principal Consultant Jarad Carleton shared the results of a survey the firm had conducted. The full results of the survey are outlined in a webinar that WatchGuard has recorded and posted to its blog. The following is an excerpt from the blog post:

“Defense in depth is important, but multiple systems with multiple dashboards increase the burden on overtaxed InfoSec professionals. By distributing where information lives and not having a way to connect the systems or servers that house a businesses’ lifeline, the risk of a hack or exposure through vulnerability can go unmitigated. Research shows that only 15 percent of IT spend is funneled toward detecting an intrusion or compromise.”

To get complete details on why “Visibility is necessary to determine which information to secure,” read the in-depth blog post and watch the complete on-demand webinar at: