Wacom Unveils Large Screen Colour Display Signature Tablets

Wacom introduces large screen color display signature tablets in the Indian market. Wacom’s Signature tablets help lower costs and eliminate inefficiencies associated with traditional paper documentation, such as printing, filing, archiving, mailing, transporting, securing and recycling.

stu image

Wacom’s signature tablets feature a patented pressure-sensitive, battery-free and cordless pen technology to capture clear, true-to-life signatures. Pens never need batteries or a cord to carry an electronic signal, and since no electronic signals are passed through the pen tether, pen operation cannot be affected by damage to the tether. Wacom’s signature tablets deliver outstanding longevity and, unlike resistive technologies, are not impacted by wear or scratches to the screen surface. They deliver superior contrast and provide an intuitive signing experience.

Digital Signature capture is gaining ground not only for saving paper, but making the entire signature capture process more robust and fool-proof. Wacom Signature tablets captures one’s handwriting and importantly also the biometric information like pressure and speed, which is unique for every individual.

The big advantage with Wacom signature tablets is the ease of integrating them in any solution. Wacom provides SDK (software development kit) support to developers for any customisation needs in solutions they are trying to offer.

Manu Nanda, Managing Director, Wacom India, said, “We have been selling our solutions in ‘Retail / POS sector’ – for customer signing credit card receipts, in ‘Telecom Brand Shops’ – for customers while they buy new connections, in ‘Government’ – for customers to capture signature for passports, ID cards etc, in ‘Tourism / Hospitality’ – for customer check-in and payments. Signature tablets have also found good use in healthcare and insurance needs where digital signatures help save heaps of papers for these industries. Our flagship model STU 520 brings forth a large comfortable screen size of 4.7”, has 2540 lpi WVGA resolution and has an excellent report rate of 200 points per second, and as always the pen is battery free.”

Interestingly in India, other sectors such as transport department of government, Jewellery retail chains, and even Fisheries departments have adopted digital signature tablets from Wacom. Customers using digital signature tablets save on both the cost of paper and storing. Retrieval of signatures is also seconds away as compared to physically finding and checking signatures stored on paper. Wacom Signature tablets are distributed in India by Aditya Infotech.