February 25, 2021

VXL Software enables organisations with WFH Solutions for enhanced efficiency and productivity

IT Voice:-What are the key achievements of VXL Software Solutions in the year 2020?

Mr. Aditya Bhuwania:-VXL Software is a technological Indian MNC who’s created their presence not only in India but, also across the globe. Due to the great pandemic that the world is facing at the very present, has led to big problems for the organizations to run efficiently and keeping this in mind, VXL Software has launched a 6-month license for companies to help them work efficiently. At present the employee’s work locations are migrating from the traditional office, to people’s homes in order that users may work in isolated and safe environments. The question is whether to buy new computers for home working or let them use their personal ones, as is- the former is expensive, while the latter is unpredictable. VXL Software has announced that it can help organizations, via a new 6-month license, which enables organizations to adapt rapidly, helping them to get through this unprecedented upheaval.

The rapid and unexpected shift to homeworking has been a challenge for many organizations. Although employees can work from home, often it’s by using unmanaged home computers – creating all kinds of security issues.

This enables the organizations to work in a very effective and efficient manner. It might keep the working more secured and motivated especially for the people working from home.

IT Voice:-Tell us about your company strategy and goals?

Mr. Aditya Bhuwania:-The business is still very fluid, with the pandemic increasing in Europe and the USA, which are our major markets. With almost the entire Europe going in “lockdown” again, has made it very difficult to make any plans for 2021.

Our current goal is to stabilize and consolidate our business for the next few months. Our strategy would become clear once we learn what happens in these important markets for us. We hope to have some clarity by April 2021, which will help us plan better.

IT Voice:-What is your future plans to grow the business volume?

Mr. Aditya Bhuwania:-We are open to whatever opportunities the future may hold, as the pandemic has made everything so unpredictable.

However, we aim to create a better brand recall through sustained marketing activities along with creating closer and deeper engagements with partners in order to have hands on approach to build a win-win situation at both ends. Currently, we are focusing more on retaining the customers that we have, till the whole situation settles down. We think the best way of planning for the future is to make the most of the present.

IT Voice:-What marketing services you offer to your clients?

Mr. Aditya Bhuwania:-We believe in various marketing services and have engaged into several “press releases” with the actual user, as a form of “co-promotion”.

Primarily a software developer, we actually rely on our customers “actual user”, to talk more about our products and services.

IT Voice:-Tell me about your upcoming products this year?

Mr. Aditya Bhuwania:-Amidst the Covid-19 crisis we have introduced a software, which can be adapted by customers all over the globe. It’s Home working solutions – Cloud Desktop on the Go and Fusion Secure Desktop for all the people/employees working from home, helping them to work in more effective and efficient way. I believe everyone needs an eco-friendly and high performing technology for the effective work and we feel that Work from Home is the new trend, which is likely to continue for a while now. We always plan to expand ourselves as an Indian MNC.

IT Voice:-What are the key features and services that make VXL Software Solutions different among the others?

Mr. Aditya Bhuwania:-Our solutions and software designs are very user-friendly and can be used by everyone who purchases it. We also customize our software solutions based on customary requirements, as customer satisfaction is what we thrive for. Last but not the least we are extremely pro-active in understanding and resolving customer’s issue since we believe in putting our customers first.

IT Voice:-Any schemes, promotions, and incentives that you would want to share with the channel in particular?

Mr. Aditya Bhuwania:-We do offer some schemes for our partners from time to time. The latest one has been a complimentary fully featured license on a minimum purchase* for our Fusion UEM (Unified Endpoint Management) software. Such promotions have kept us ongoing and we believe the customers do respond well to these offers, which in turn helps us in gaining customer satisfaction.

IT Voice:-Your thoughts on the current lockdown situation in India have how it has affected your business?

Mr. Aditya Bhuwania:-This Pandemic has affected big and small companies in every possible way. Considering there will be shift in the working styles of companies and individuals we will need to gauge the customers demand and would aim to create solutions based on the demand. We are targeting to consolidate our current products and post that gamut our product category and offering.Considering this we will be up to speed with the demand as well as can offer based on customers choice. We will also need to consolidate and understand where, i.e. the ‘new norm’ we exit in to. The world as we know it is going to be completely different to operate in, and everyone will have to make changes in order to first survive in this ‘new norm’, and then think about growth. We do have plans to scale up, but would first need to understand the new needs/ requirements of our existing clients