Vu has unveiled its latest product, the TViST speakers. The new product is claimed to be designed and tuned to specifically enhance dialogue and voice clarity, making it ideal for use with TVs. The speakers can be used either in soundbar mode, where they are joined to make a single speaker which is laid flat at the base of the TV, or as two speakers placed upright.

vu tvist main

The TViST speakers won’t be sold separately; instead, buyers of specific 60-inch, 65-inch and 85-inch models will receive the speaker bundled with the TV. The 60S8575 (Rs. 92,000), 65XT780 (Rs. 1,42,000) and 85XT900 (Rs. 9,00,000) will now be sold with the TViST speakers bundled in the sales package. The intention of this seems to be to offer customers additional value and promote sales of Vu’s larger and more expensive TVs. Customers buying large TVs often opt to buy a soundbar as well, so a free soundbar with the TV might entice buyers to opt for Vu.

The speakers are also Bluetooth-enabled, which makes it possible to use them with mobile phones and tablets. A remote for the speakers is also included, which can be used from a distance of up to six metres and at an angle of up to 30 degrees – useful if paired to a device separately from the television. The speakers feature an output of 20Wx2, have an impedance of 8 Ohms, and measure 1065x62x60 mm.

The CEO of Vu Technologies Devita Saraf, said of the launch, “This is a perfect product that suits our wise and acquainted customers’ requirement for an actual sharp and clear sound quality. A perfect experience of entertainment has to be a seamless blend of crystal clear picture and accentuated audio performance and this is where Vu TViST comes in picture and will deliver. Customers can either mount the adjoined bar on the wall or keep it standing tall on a table top. The product brings in a sense of class coupled with its cutting-edge technology and utility.”

Vu has been in the Indian market since its inception in 2006. The company currently deals in LED TVs, digital signage, video walls and touch screens. Vu has a wide range of TVs in various sizes and resolutions, which are sold through Vu stores all over India as well as e-commerce portals.