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Vu launched Vu 84″ Ultra HD LED TV

vu30-7-13Vu Technologies announces the launch of the Vu 84” Super 4K Resolution TV for customers in India. The Vu 84” Ultra 4K Super TV is the crown jewel of the Vu Display line. Vu Technologies has packed in all the performance that is to be expected from a luxury product, and more –customization.

Vu, a young brand from USA that is now selling in 68 countries has come up with this Rich & Exclusive TV with an A+ Grade Achromatic Panel, Bright LED Backlit and 1:1 Pixel Mapping that provides more than 1 Lakh TV viewing hours. What makes this TV Different is that it is the world’s only TV with built-in computer with MAC, Windows 8 or Linux Operating System that can be customized with desired frames and installation. 4K Ultra HD means this TV plays content at 4 times the quality of a standard HD TV. That’s 4 times high definition coming out of the industry’s brightest LED panels.

Whether viewing in a dark room or a bright room, the image is sharp and the audio quality is superb. Bringing an enhanced cinematic 3D experience to the comfort of the viewer’s home, the Vu 84” SuperTV aims to create a market that will move beyond plain -vanilla television viewing. Every 84” comes with passive 3D technology and silk motion 3D glasses, which don’t require any charge. Viewers don’t need to sit directly in front of the TV to experience the 3D effects. The viewing range is broad, so multiple viewers can watch without hindrance. Vu Technologies is the only company in the world to deliver every Super TV with a built in PC, wireless internet, and a wireless keyboard. Simply change the source input to find a Windows 7 or 8 operating system.

This new touch-screen 3D television has a gamut of features for business or personal use. Vu touch panels use a special camera -backed system which allows for the most sensitive dual -point control. Command a digital world with absolute precision with an in-built set-top box; a gaming console with gesture control; and mira-cast in Ultra High Definition.

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