VMware unveils Horizon™ 6 for Indian Enterprises

Ramesh Vantipalli, Head EUC India & Regional SE Manager - South, VMware India

VMware, Inc. (NYSE: VMW), the global leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure, has unveiled VMware Horizon™ 6, an integrated solution that delivers published applications and desktops on a single platform, for Indian enterprises. Horizon 6 is the industry’s most comprehensive desktop solution with centralized management of enterprise applications and desktops, including physical desktops and laptops, virtual desktops and applications and employee-owned PCs.

Today, end users are using new types of devices for work, accessing Windows applications alongside non-Windows-based applications, and are more mobile than ever.

In India, according to survey respondents, almost every employee (97 percent) works outside the office, and 9 in 10 employees believe that they are more productive if they are allowed to work outside the office. However, strict IT policies continue to be imposed to prevent the leakage of confidential information (73 percent) and avoid the misuse of company assets (66 percent) by employers today. These insights came from the VMware MeConomy 2014 survey that was conducted in 14 countries across Asia Pacific and Japan to understand the attitudes and preferences of employees in an increasingly mobile world. The study also found that more Indian organizations are supporting employees in ways to gain access to the resources for working outside the office (90 percent).


“With India’s increasingly mobile and young workforce today, organizations are busy preparing for the mobile cloud era. They want to transform their applications and enterprise desktops and extend access to employees on any device, from anywhere and want a comprehensive solution that is simple, secure and cost effective,” said Ramesh Vantipalli, Head EUC India & Regional SE Manager – South, VMware India.


In this new mobile cloud world, managing and delivering services to end users with traditional PC-centric tools has become increasingly difficult and can lead to security and compliance concerns. Horizon 6 provides IT with a new streamlined approach to deliver, protect, and manage Windows desktops and applications while containing costs and empowering end users to work anytime, anywhere, on any device.


An Integrated Solution with Capabilities Second to None

Innovations in application delivery, datacenter-to-device management, storage optimization and flexible hybrid delivery in VMware Horizon 6make enterprise desktops and applications easier and more cost-effective to deliver, protect and manage. Multiple access points such as laptops, tablets, smartphones and an array of other employee-owned devices are putting pressure on IT departments to deliver a high level of service and access without compromise.


VMware Horizon 6 introduces new capabilities that are integrated into a single solution that empower IT with a streamlined approach for managing Windows applications and desktops. With Horizon 6, enterprise applications and Windows operating systems are centrally managed so updates can be made in an agile and predictable manner. In addition, Horizon 6 enables entire desktops or just applications can be delivered in a flexible manner to end-users:


§  Virtually for access from multiple locations and devices

§  Physically by syncing the entire desktop image to end-user laptops for online and offline access

§  Securely by delivering applications and content in a managed secure container to support Bring Your Own (BYO) PC scenarios.


Regardless of the use case, VMware Horizon 6 delivers a consistent, self-service user experience for access to enterprise applications through a unified workspace.


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