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Vivo to launch new Vivo watch and Vivo S6 Pro

Viva, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer, has been working on its smartwatch for quite some time now. The smartwatch is speculated to be called Vivo watch and was recently spotted on a Chinese certification website. Vivo has been trying to get the China’s 3C certification and passed the clearance. It revealed that the model number of the device would be WA2052. Regardless of these facts, the specifications of the device are still unknown. Vivo was going to launch its watch in April this year since a similar product from Vivo also surfaced on EUIPO that European certification site in February. Vivo is yet to confirm the details about the watch and where the company will launch the device.
Vivo Watch was recognized on 3C certification site with model number WA2052; therefore, reports say Vivo will launch the watch in July this year. The watch was also spotted on the Intellectual property site in India, hinting to the arrival in India. Yet no specifications were mentioned. Many tipsters are reporting that it will be similar to the Samsung galaxy watch and support audio playback though the company has confirmed nothing.
Vivo will be releasing its product among a very competitive market where Chinese brands have already established themselves. Xiaomi, Oppo, and Realme and Huawei have previously released a smartwatch variant in both the Chinese market and the global market. Vivo is known for giving fierce competition to its domestic players; hence Vivo watch is expected to be moderately functional and a stable product.
Realme launched the Realme watch in India recently at Rs. 3,999, featuring 14 fully functional activity modes with a heart monitoring system. Oppo also launched its watch in China this year sporting a snapdragon 2500 processor in 42mm and 44mm designs though the Oppo watch is a little expensive starting at Rd. 15,000 and is not yet available in India.

Vivo will also launch the predecessor of the Vivo S6 as the Vivo S6 Pro featuring in the mid-range price bracket. Vivo launched Vivo S6 last month in China and is expected to launch Vivo S6 Pro very soon. Vivo S6 Pro will sport a dual front camera with 33W fast charging and 5G capabilities. While the Vivo S6 was launched with the Exynos chipset, the Pro model will have the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G SoC, which is being used a lot in mid-range smartphones this year. It is the latest chip from snapdragon and supports 5G. It will also have a full-HD 6.44′ AMOLED display with a 4200mAh battery and will support NFC. Vivo has been planning a lot for the future of smartphones releasing multiple phones each year and redesigning them for the Indian market; it has been making a lot of buzz and has been growing steadily. It has a market share of 21.4% in the Indian market. Though it is yet to touch the skies and gain popularity like Xiaomi and Huawei in eh world market, they have stuck to their plan and have emerged as a significant market player. It will be interesting to see what they have to offer this year when the overall sales have gone down worldwide.

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