Visionet India Successfully transforms over 43 organizations through digitization during pandemic times

Visionet SystemsPvt. Ltd. (VSPL), a premier technology solutions and business process management company have recently announced that despite the challenging situations which rose due to the pandemic, they managed to digitize over 43 new client companies across various segments like Banking, Financial Institutions, Retail, Manufacturing and Insurance etc.

Each of the 300 Visionet customers has unique stories that depict how digital transformation disrupts current organizational landscapes. They serve as a testament on how this solution can help businesses retire paper-based processes and move them to digital workflows which are safer and faster to deliver results.

 Among these are the most notable clients with whom Visionet India worked with from the very beginning. These are customers who’ve quickly expanded partnerships by acquiring our other IT solutions. This showcases a wonderful business relationship rooted in a mutual understanding of the digital era.

The pandemic came as distress for most of India’s IT and BPM companies. The business has changed just in the last few weeks. For instance, the majority of the workforce is now remote. Probably a decent amount if you’re trying to adapt and stay afloat. But you can’t expect your workforce to continue with their operations successfully if they don’t have access to the tools they need to do so. It’s sometimes not just difficult for employees to access the software they need from outside the office but also accessing physical documents can be challenging.

Visionet, have also witnessed an increase in demand for digital services like cloud, mobility solutions, RPA, etc.  Owing to the emergence of new scenario post-pandemic, the majority of the companies wanted to expedite their digital transformation initiatives. Many companies are looking at a solution which would help them to predict future environmental changes more accurately, allocation of better bench strength to more strategic business activities,  to enhance revenue opportunities through increased productivity; and introduce digital technologies to deliver critical business outcomes across all operations. 

Mr. Alok Bansal, MD and Country Head, Visionet India said, “The pandemic brought a major shift in the way we used to work. Since most of our clients are financial institutions and we offer essential services to these clients like loan processing and credit-intermediary services and also deal with highly confidential data and governed under privacy laws.  Therefore, we had to work overnight to get essential client approvals to work from home.  Lost or damaged data, leakage, poor compliance to regulatory standards, and lack of control over access to information and cost-effectiveness in storage can result in serious harm for businesses. This reality has created a demand for disrupting the current landscape of the workplace. Digitization and digital transformation was once hard to reach, now we are part of the motion to make it accessible for all organizations”

“Disruptive times like these provide a beneficial opportunity to consider where your business currently stands and what sort of strategic plan you want to pursue to enable sustained operations and ensure future success. “ added Mr Bansal

Reaching this milestone is far more fulfilling, knowing that the effort we’ve put in to get here is beyond numbers. It’s a great milestone but that won’t make us content. It won’t stop us giving our efforts to improve Visionet and to forerun digital transformation globally

In line with the growth aspect Visionet India hired over 550 employees in the last two months and would be adding another 1,000 in next 6 months. Total employee size is over 5,000 worldwide and they have opened a global office in South Africa. As a company, they are driving an initiative known as ‘Un