Vine’s Web Interface Revamped With Featured Sections, Playlists and More



Twitter, after introducing the website version of the Vine micro-video sharing service in January, has finally added some new features to it.

New to the website is a search bar, along with playlists, featured video sections, channels, trending tags, a popular now section, and a featured users (Viners) section. All these features come added over the existing home feed and profile view tabs, which were there since the launch.

Additionally, the website version, that was previously accessible only by registered account users, is now available for non-account holders as well. Users who have a Vine account, once logged in, would see their own home feeds along with features to follow users, such as ReVine, and the ability to comment on videos. Outsiders can only view featured videos via different Vine channels with the option to share via Twitter or Facebook.

Last month, Twitter updated its Vine app to support direct video messaging along with another features, such as sharing to non-Vine users, quick reply, and colour selections for user profiles.

The direct video messaging feature lets users see the video and chat directly on the same screen. Users can create a new Vine message by going in the message section, recording a video and sending it. Users can send these direct video messages to multiple users at a time, however the conversations will be one-on-one. This means a separate thread for each user whom the video has been sent. Sharing a video by simply tapping on the ‘Share button’ is also possible.

Back in January Vine users on iOS got the ability to lock the focus and exposure while shooting. The feature eliminates the hassles faced by a user regarding overexposed or underexposed lighting, and will let them shoot a better 6 second video.

The Vine app for Android, iOS and Windows Phone OS users is available to download from their respective stores.

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