Twitter-owned ‘Vine’ Gets HD Attribute Update For iOS Users

It seems that the twitter-owned ‘Vine’ launched in late 2012 with around 1.5 billion looped Vines played across everyday is working on some technical upgrades that support Vines in higher quality.

The popular video sharing app has finally started rolling out support for high definition videos on its iOS app.

A recent News on Vine’s official blog tells us that the resolution of each video has been upgraded to 720p from 480p.

We expect this HD feature to appeal more companies, brand and other organisations that use it in a professional way.

When it comes to professional companies, the short videos that they share have to be clear enough unlike the personal pets videos many share on a daily basis.

However, the feature is for now available only for iPhone and iPad users and Android users may need a little more time to enjoy the high definition videos.