Digitization process will be dominated by cloud computing in the coming years with a fair share of Artificial Intelligence and IoT – Vikram Dayma, Microworld Infosol, Full Interview

Vikram Singh Dayma, Founder & Managing Director at Microworld Infosol Pvt Ltd

Vikram Singh Dayma, Founder & Managing Director at Microworld Infosol Pvt Ltd

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Microworld Infosol was established in the year 2008 with a vision to provide technology solutions in association with Global Brands. Today, Microworld Infosol is one of the fastest-growing companies in the segment. Vikram Singh Dayma is the Founder and Managing Director at Microworld Infosol Pvt Ltd. He was in conversation with team IT-Voice recently where he answered questions about the technology domain, organization, and the future ahead. Here is a snippet from the interaction:

Prateek: Tell us about the journey of Microworld Infosol in lats 13 years.

Vikram Dayma: Originally founded in 2008, Microworld Infosol Pvt.Ltd is an IT Infrastructure firm providing a full portfolio of services around System Integration, Application & Infrastructure. Our vision is “To become the most preferred partner in the domain of digital transformation.”

Today, we offer an integrated portfolio of products, solutions, and services built around Automation, Cloud, Cybersecurity & Digital.

Our employees, skilled marketing people, and engineers have risen to the occasion in providing uninterrupted services to customers, which is the core of our vision. In the last few years, we have undertaken a number of initiatives and helped customers in their digital transformation.

For the last 2 years, we are the top 3 partners of HP across the country, including being a No.1 partner in Northern India.

We at Microworld Infosol understand the significance of environmental sustainability. We are working closely with government organizations in the E-Waste management niche. We collect e-waste from pan India collection centers and dispose of it at Faridabad located plant. This is a step up in our portfolio and we are looking forward to expanding the services with new collection centers.

Prateek: Tell us more about the Huion?

Vikram Dayma: We are one of the leading distributors of Huion (Graphic Tablets). HUION is a drawing tablet brand providing drawing tablets, light pads, and pen displays. The high-end products are suitable for beginners and professionals. The products are compatible with macOS, Android, and Windows. These could be used to create digital artwork. We have generated a good number of orders for the products during the pandemic supporting the local artists.

Prateek: How has the pandemic altered the demand for IT infrastructure products?

Vikram Dayma: Last year and a half were marked with the pandemic and lockdowns. No business was left unaffected. But, the IT sector was the quickest to recover and rebound. Companies quickly realized the significance of remote working which was normal prior to the pandemic in many organizations. This created a huge demand for IT infrastructure across the country. Everyone started to work from home and even the education was confined to the mobile and desktop screens. But, it was a challenge to cater to the needs during the lockdown. Our team of professionals worked day and night to provide support to the organizations with adoption to the cloud, hardware, server extensions, cybersecurity, bandwidth optimization, DLP, and much more.

Prateek: What trends will dominate the Indian IT sector in the coming years?

Vikram Dayma: The country is going through a transition phase. Although the digitalization process was in steady motion prior to the pandemic, in private and public sector enterprises and businesses now no business wants to be left behind in the process. Center and state governments have also adopted e-governance models to reach the maximum number of people.

This process will be dominated by cloud computing in the coming years with a fair share of Artificial Intelligence and IoT. I hope that the due resources are invested in the cybersecurity segment as well as the insecure ERPs and servers could result in cyberattacks and losses.

Prateek: Indian companies have started to focus on cyber security threats. What services does Microworld Infosol offer in the segment?

Vikram Dayma: The pandemic has fastened the pace of digitalization in India. SMEs, SMBs, and startups are adopting cloud platforms and eCommerce platforms to reach out to their customers. Internet users and digital payments have also reached new heights. But, with the increased pace of digitalization, a rise in cyber-attacks has also been noticed. Many startups and tech companies were victims of cyberattacks in the last months.

We are offering cybersecurity products for enterprise and entry-level users. Startups and tech companies can avail our essential products to safeguard themselves from any cyberattacks. Our diverse portfolio includes antivirus, critical infrastructure security, network security, cloud security & Application Security.

Prateek: What will be the company’s policies in the coming year for expansion and penetrating deeper into the diverse Indian market?

Vikram Dayma: Past years have been instrumental for the organization in terms of learning and expansion. Currently, we are the no.1 partner in the North region & Our roadmap is to expand our business in other metro cities like Mumbai & Bangalore as they are the major center for IT industries. We are committed to delivering top-notch products to our customers. Additionally, we would be launching the latest technology products with the association of dealer channel partners in regions where we have a lesser presence. Hiring experienced professionals and training the existing ones will also be a part of our expansion strategies.

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