ViewPaker’s bare bone concept for AIO itself is unique and unmatched – Mr. Mukesh Gupta, Director- ViewPaker Technology

In an exclusive interview with ITVoice, Mr. Mukesh Gupta, Director at ViewPaker Technology’s., reveals his strategies forbusiness in India.

Mr. Mukesh Gupta, Director at ViewPaker Technology’s

Mr. Mukesh Gupta, Director, View Paker Technology India Pvt. Ltd.

Vikas Gupta :- Tell us about key focus areas of Viewpaker Technology?

Mr. Mukesh Gupta :- ViewPaker Technology’s bare bone concept for AIO is unique and unmatched in PC industry. The product comes with customization option (similar to a standard Desktop PC) and hence our focus is mainly the assemblers and system integrators. Our current product line offers an AIO with the flexibility of a Desktop PC.

Vikas Gupta :- What are Viewpaker Technology’s future plans and programs for 2016?

Mr. Mukesh Gupta :- We plan to introduce some more bare bone AIO models with contemporary outlook. Viewpaker is dedicated to offering the most original and comprehensive barebones. Currently, In India we have introduced entry-level product range. In future we plan to bring our high- end range some of which will be fully configured.

We also plan to strength our offering of large size (27” & 32”) bare bone AIOs with 4K panel resolution targeted for PC gaming professionals & enthusiasts.

Vikas Gupta :- What are the marketing activities that were undertaken to build the brand?

Mr. Mukesh Gupta :- Our marketing is focused towards Assemblers & System integrators. We will engage them through dealer meets, informative advertisements in channel media and supporting them with technical support, contemporary products and a fighting price point.

Vikas Gupta :- What kind of strategy have you planned to position Viewpaker Products successfully in the market?

Mr. Mukesh Gupta :- Our strategy is to offer assemblers & System integrators an AIO that has all the flexibility & price position closer to that of a Desktop PC which they can easily assemble and offer their customers a customized AIO. This will enable them to compete in the emerging AIO market with the branded AIO vendors.

Vikas Gupta :- Which are some of your pioneering products you have introduced in the market recently or are there any  plans to launch the new products?

Mr. Mukesh Gupta :- We have recently launched our most popular range of Gaming AIO in 28” which offers UHD resolution. It’s thinner and lighter than any other gaming AIO, but that doesn’t mean we skimped on performance. Crafted without front glass cover which makes display quality more clear and brighter, this series is designed to give an awesome gaming experience.

Vikas Gupta :- What are the USP of Viewpaker products in a crowded market?

Mr. Mukesh Gupta :- ViewPaker’s bare bone concept for AIO itself is unique and unmatched. The product line comes with customization option, which lets the users to choose their own motherboard and equip it with standard Micro ATX power supplies. Our offerings are compatible with many motherboards and can suit different form factors as well, so replacing and upgrading of the specs is as convenient as regular desktops. Moreover, it gives AIOs features like sleekness, space-savings and looks

Vikas Gupta :- Are you also planning to diversify in other product domains? If yes, please mention those domains and why?

Mr. Mukesh Gupta :-  As of now, are focused only on Barebone AIO solutions.











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