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Vicor Corp Plans To Raise Investment in India

PrintLeaguing to expand a strong base in India, Vicor Corporation has announced the appointment of Excelpoint as one of its distributors in the country. This association is likely to widen the market reach for Vicor and continue with local support to customers, across its range of high performance power solutions.

The new partnership seconds the already inclusive associations from the Future Electronics, SM Creative, and CoreEL Technologies. Vicor’s power solutions cover a wide range of markets, and they have already established a strong presence in the aerospace and defence sectors in India. It aims to grow in communications and industrial markets that include telecoms and transport/rail sectors.

According to a Money Life report, Andy Gales from Vicor Corp said, “This announcement clearly underlines our commitment to investing in India, which is a crucial growth market for us, and a key driver of our continued global expansion. The appointment of Excelpoint will help us build a robust distribution network to tap into a vast community of electronics customers seeking to achieve the highest levels of design flexibility and power component efficiency and density from AC to the point of load. Excelpoint will now add to our rich network of sales and support infrastructure that will set the stage for our long term growth and expansion in the country.”

Vicor offers comprehensive product lines addressing a broad range of power conversion and management requirements across all power distribution architectures, including CPA, DPA, IBA, FPA™ and CBA. It follows markets like enterprise and high performance computing, telecommunications and network infrastructure, industrial equipment and automation, vehicles and transportation and aerospace and defence electronics.

Excelpoint will serve as a strategic enabler of Vicor’s vision of growth in India. Vicor will supplement Excelpoint’s technology expertise with continuous training and enabling programs across its product range. The appointment will expand Vicor’s geographical reach to key semiconductor markets in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore.

Source: EFY Times

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