US’s 45th President to Lose Special Twitter Protections

Twitter confirmed on 6th November that Donald Trump will be subjected to the rules when Joe Biden takes office on 20th January 2021.

The company has placed “public interest” notices on few rule-breaking tweets from “world leaders” that will or else be eliminated. Such tweets are rather stayed hidden by a warning and the company takes actions to limit their reach.

But Twitter has said this treatment doesn’t apply to previous officeholders.



As per a spokesman from the company, this policy framework is applied to present world leaders and candidates, and not private citizens when they no longer hold these positions. It has added numerous warnings and labels to tweets from Donald trump’s account, containing several since Tuesday’s election that made groundless accusations of voting fraud. It 1st hid one of Donald trump’s tweets behind a “public interest” label in May when he violated twitter’s policy against exalting violence.

Under Facebook’s policies, it has appeared that after the 46th president takes office in January, Donald Trump’s posts will further be no longer be excused from review by Facebook’s 3rd-party fact-checking associates. Facebook’s online policy has said that it defines politicians, whose posts are excused from fact-checking, as entrants running for office, present officeholders and several cabinet appointees, and also with political parties and their leaders.

It has said that previous candidates for office or former officials are going to continue to be covered by their 3rd-party fact-checking program.