USA Plans To Release The World’s Fastest Computer

With an aim of expanding further into the field of medicine, astronomy and biology, the USA is planning to SuperComputerrelease the world’s fastest computer. The interesting revelation was made by none other than US president Barack Obama. According to him, the government might invent an exaflop supercomputer by 2025, capable of doing bazillion operations within one second, which is approximately 30 times quicker than today’s fastest machines.

If all goes as anticipated, this supercomputer would soon be able to unlock mysteries of the human brain.

According to Horst Simon, a computer science expert and deputy director, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, this would be a significant step for high performance computing in the country.

Currently, China holds the record of owning the fastest machine, Tianhe-2. If the trusted sources are to be believed, the powerful system can perform almost 34 quadrillion calculations per second.

On the other hand, the USA is a proud owner of the world’s second-fastest machine, a Department of Energy supercomputer which can carry out almost 17 quadrillion operations a second. Intel and Cray are reportedly joining hands for a Department of Energy project to invent a system that would run at 180 quadrillion operations a second, by the end of 2018. Meanwhile reports are also doing the rounds that other nations including India, Russia and the EU, are also working on similar projects

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