US-based software-defined storage pioneer DataCore to launch its second largest Global R&D Center in India

U.S. based software-defined storage company DataCore, today announced that it will be setting up its second largest global R&D centre in Bangalore, India. With an unequivocal commitment to innovation and the development of the next generation suite of solutions, DataCore plans to drive major global R&D efforts out of Bangalore. The Bangalore center will cater to clients across the US and EMEA for now. DataCore plans to expand the facility into a fully functional centre of excellence over the next 12 months.

DataCore will leverage the IP it has accumulated over the past 20 years to drive its R&D efforts in Bangalore. The company has a long term commitment towards India and wants to make it integral to its plan of creating the future of storage that is software defined, unified, reliable, smart, performant, and efficient. With the launch of the centre, DataCore aims to leverage the sizeable pool of diverse and highly skilled talent in India to further its pioneering work in the software-defined storage space.

The company is creating an extensive recruitment plan in the systems and storage domain that will see hiring from India’s top educational institutions. It plans to fill lateral roles with its existing talent thereby allowing the hires to capitalise on the opportunities for growth. DataCore is also creating a disciplined internship program for graduates to leverage its domain expertise, and help them through the transition to skilled professionals.

Commenting on the launch of the R&D centre in Bangalore, Mr. Rizwan Pirani, Chief Product Officer & SVP Global R&D, DataCore said, “DataCore is an authority on software-defined storage, at a point in time where organisations all over the world are realizing the importance of software-defined storage. India, and Bangalore in particular, have been the R&D hub for technology companies globally. We see tremendous potential with the impressive diversity of talent in the market, and are committed to making this our second largest R&D center after Florida, in terms of people. We look forward to working with our teams here to spearhead the development of the next generation suite of solutions for our global customers.”

The R&D centre in India will be led by Vani Sharma, Center Head India & Vice President – Products, DataCore and will have a full-fledged functional presence that will be operational by the end of 2020. DataCore is a pioneer in the software defined storage technology and has been innovating in the space for more than 20 years. The company offers highly flexible software defined storage solutions that eliminates hardware and vendor lock-in, giving the IT department maximum flexibility—while making storage smarter, more efficient, and highly available. It serves a wide range of industries globally including healthcare, education, government and cloud service providers.