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Unleash your music with Portronics Pure Sound BT -Portable Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Speaker


New Delhi, 26th April, 2013 :Exciting news for all music lovers as Portronics,one of the emerging pioneers in innovative, portable and digital devices,announces the launch of its new version of Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Speaker-Pure Sound BT. Pure Sound BT delivers full stereo soundthat enthrals you to enjoy the music on your Bluetooth enabled devices with the freedom of wireless connectivity. The Wireless BT will free youfrom the hassles of your ear phones while you listen to music and streaming mobile content from your Mobile Phone, tablet, Mp3 etc.

Despite its compact size, the Pure Sound BT speaker brings soaring highs and deep, booming bass to every room in the house. You can ideally have a distance of 10m between the Mobile Phone and the speaker. Pure Sound BT is powered by a pair of proprietary and highly sophisticated acoustic drivers, unmatched in their ability to produce extreme high and low frequencies from stereo speakers.

Pure sound BT

The lithium-ion battery enables you to blast music for up to 10 hours on one charge, making it the perfect Bluetooth speaker for your Mobile Phone, MP3/MP4 and tablets. Charging takes about 3 hours with the included USB cable

You can stream the voice to any Mobile Phone, Tablets, Laptops and or any other device through Bluetooth technology. Don’t be disappointed if your device does not support Bluetooth, Pure Sound BT will work by connecting the Aux cable to the Mobile Phone or any tablet. It will also allow you to play music throughUSB drives and Micro SD card with quite ease. 

With a powerful, built-in microphone, Pure Sound BT frees you to share crisp, clean-Sounding conference calls anywhere – in the office, car, at home, alone or with a group. The design of Pure Sound BT is very simple with very minimal controls, with a press of the button from a 6 year kid to a 70 year old.While speakers are great to put on your desk, real living is being outside getting dosed with adrenaline doing things you love. These speakers are portable and can be easily carried in your blazer pocket and laptop bag.

Key Features:

•             Totally portable

•             Bluetooth Activated

•             Incredibly powerful Stereo Speakers

•             Music through Aux, USB and Micro SD card

•             10 Hrs. Battery life

•             Conference on the Go

•             Iconic Simplicity

Pricing and Availability: 

Priced at Rs 2,499, Portronics Pure Sound BT is available across the country.

The sound system has no additional maintenance cost.