August 4, 2020

Unisys Predictive Freight Solution Wins Global ICMG Award for Excellence in IT Architecture

Advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities of Unisys solution spotlighted by jury in global award recognition
Unisys Corporation (NYSE: UIS) today announced that its predictive freight technologywon the global awardfor “Best Software Architecture”at the ICMG 2017 USA Architecture Excellence Awards, recognizingachievements in the field of enterprise, business and information technology (IT) architecture.Predictive freight is an integral part ofDigistics™, a software-led, holistic and integrated cargo logistics solution launched earlier this year.
The awards were presented duringICMG’s Architecture World Summit in Washington, DCon September 11-12.A jury comprised ofindustry expertsrecognizedUnisys’ predictive freight solution for its modern, cloud-based architecture, and advanced analytics and machine learning technologies that greatly improve supply chainvisibility and route planning. The technologyanalyzes past, present and future data, including historical arrival and departure times, forecasted traffic and weather, and available route options. Over time, because the technology enables predictions to become increasingly accurate, freight forwarders can plan routes to avoid delay – especially important for critical shipments such as perishable goods or medicine.
“Though the technology is still in the early stages of adoption, we are already seeing the dramatic benefits that advanced analytics can provide to air carriers and freight forwarders,” said Dheeraj Kohli, vice president and global head of Travel and Transportation for Unisys. “For example, the modular nature of this solution allows for easy integration into existing systems and regular system updates, while theadvanced analytics – powered by machine learning – enable us to deliver on our clients’ most desired outcomes: improving predictability, speed and agility.”
“The jury felt that Unisys’ predictive freight capabilities exemplified an innovative new approach to enterprise IT and architecture,” said Sunil Dutt Jha, CEO & Chief Architect, ICMG International. “The predictive freight software has been designed to facilitate digital transformation in the air cargo industry, based on the strong foundation of an unmet business need, coupled with an impressive degree of measurable results.”
This acknowledgement is the latest recognition for Unisys cargocapabilities. In July, Unisys’ predictive freight solution was honoredat the ICMG 2017 Australasian & Asia Pacific Architecture Excellence Awards.
Unisys has more than 45 years of experience providing advanced, critical IT solutions to the travel and transportation industry. Unisys cargo solutions are used by many of the world’s leading carriers, which collaborate via the Unisys Cargo User Group (UCUG). Unisys and UCUG members have worked with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) for more than 20 years on initiatives such as e-Freight, Cargo iQ and XML messaging.