Unistal is planning to promote recently launched Protegent Antivirus & Protegent Internet Security in India – Mr. Alok Gupta, Managing Director of Unistal Systems

Mr. Alok Gupta, Managing Director of Unistal Systems
Mr. Alok Gupta, Managing Director of Unistal Systems

Vikas Gupta-  What is Unistal channel strategy for the year 2013.

Unistal has more than 5000 partners across PAN India, associated directly or indirectly with the company. The company is planning to divide its distribution network into multiple zones. Each zone will have a gold partner; followed by multiple silver and bronze partners. This apart, Unistal will operate from its four regional offices at Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Bangaluru

Alok Gupta-  How is Unistal looking at its Indian operations? What are the top most priorities here?

Unistal has recently added two products to its Protegent antivirus and security product range – Protegent Antivirus & Protegent Internet Security for its retail customers.  The Company is looking forward to establish these two products globally. Our top most priority is to create awareness for these two feature rich products, which provides 30% extra features than the competitive products available in similar category.

Vikas Gupta-  Tell us About Your Go to strategy for recently launched Protegent Antivirus and Protegent Internet Security.

Alok Gupta- Unistal is planning to promote recently launched Protegent Antivirus & Protegent Internet Security in India. The company is investing heavily on SMO, BTL & ATL activities.  This apart, the company is trying to promote the Protegent mascot “PROTO”.  With PROTO, the company is already running small animated clips on social media sites like Facebook, twitter and YouTube. These small cartoon clips are basically designed to educate consumers about the product benefits. The purpose of this campaign is to further develop our brand image for our ace product “Protegent”

Vikas Gupta-  Which are the key technologies that are ruling the Antivirus industry today?

Alok Gupta- Today, most of the Antivirus products come with multi featured Anti malware tools. The latest antivirus products are developed to effectively protect the critical information   As the threats associated with malicious software increase, so do the capabilities of Anti malware tools. The latest Anti malware products typically incorporate components, which can safeguard browser activities, oversee email attachments and spam, control the system’s network activities, and block various types of exploit attempts.

Vikas Gupta-  What is your strategy for Activity Reporter and plan for enterprise market

Alok Gupta- We would be appointing multiple SI partners to sell Protegent Enterprise Security Software across PAN India.  Ideally, we would be targeting SMB & Enterprise clients, with network size between 50 -1000 nodes.  With more companies are concerned about their data security and employee’s activities, the demand for PES with Activity Monitor & reporting, Data Leakage prevention and Asset tagging & tracking will definitely increase.

Vikas Gupta-  How are you aligning your channel roadmap to target new customer segment?

Alok Gupta-  During last 3 years, we have seen tremendous growth in requirement of IT & antivirus products in Tier 2 and Tier 3 Cities.  We are trying to tap these new set of customers with the help of regional partners across these cities.

Vikas Gupta-  which are the other new products the Unistal is planning to launch in India?

Alok Gupta- System Tune-up utility and Data Loss prevention software for MAC are in our roadmap. We are planning to launch these products by next year.

Vikas Gupta- What is Your New initiatives planned for the year 2013

Alok Gupta– The Company is planning to launch Protegent Antivirus & Internet Securities in Africa & Middle East countries.  Although Unistal is already exporting Protegent total security products to these countries, the purpose is to tap the low edition Antivirus & Internet security market of these countries.