Uniken Announced Strategic Partnership with Bynet Data Communications



Uniken, a market leader in securing digital relationships, today, announced a strategic partnership with Bynet Data Communications, a leading system integrator from Israel, to expand. Uniken will leverage Bynet’s expertise, professional services, knowledge and reach in Israel, to build and sustain business operations and a market for REL-ID, Uniken’s proprietary digital security platform in Israel.

The cyber-security market in Israel has leapfrogged over the last few years. Israeli exports of cyber-related products and services last year reached $3 billion, some 5 percent of the global market and more than all other nations combined apart from the United States, according to Israel’s National Cyber Bureau (NCB). The market value of cyber-security companies that received seed financing has tripled over the last year in Israel, widely revered as the Start-Up Nation, according to Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP).An emerging player in the international arena, Bynet Data Communications has been providing comprehensive and complete solutions to meet the ICT and telecom needs of organizations for over 35 years and is well known for its services in the area of cyber security space.

“We are happy to collaborate with Bynet in Israel, which is one of the most evolved cyber-security markets in the world. With Bynet as a partner, we are happy to have found an overall alignment in our vision of creating a secure private network, combined with the right expertise and capabilities to deliver value to end-customers,” said Sanjay Deshpande, Co-Founder and CEO, Uniken.

Bynet’s strong and experienced technical, pre-sales and implementation team will provide Uniken with the right foundation to proliferate REL-ID. REL-ID, a plug & play digital security platform, enables enterprises to provide services across multiple digital channels by creating a private, massively scalable, secure digital application ecosystem, thereby significantly enhancing the trust in digital relationships with customers, employees and partners. REL-ID creates a secure and private closed digital ecosystem, accessible to only authorized users and devices, thus facilitating secure access to all digital services, business critical applications and secure data exchange. In India, 3 out of the top 6 banks rely on REL-ID – Uniken’s flagship product.


Zvika Friedlander, Director of Security Division, Bynet said “We are pleased to partner with Uniken. This partnership will strengthen our security portfolio and help us service the digital security needs of our clients holistically.”


Earlier this year, Uniken raised INR 30 crore investment from venture capital firm Nexus Venture Partners that will fuel global expansion into markets such as Israel and US.

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