UI Path global Portal Solution by Rise Tech Software PVT.LTD for State Govt.s

The ongoing Global Pandemic Covid-19 is impacting our country as well as the entire world currently. At the outset, we would like to thank the Government agencies and other stakeholders who are making round-the-clock, untiring efforts for controlling the outbreak and responding to this healthcare emergency.

Risetech Software Pvt ltd, Jaipur also deployed its Core Software Development team, which has expertise in cutting-edge technology areas, to help the Government agencies in combating the Covid menace. The State Health Department has to quickly update data on about the Quarantined People on the COVID-19 National Health Portal. This includes any inbound traveler who arrived in the last 2-3-month period and any first level contacts of a COVID-19 positive person. This task is time consuming and requires a lot of manual effort considering the large number of people being quarantined in the state. Risetech Software team, with its expert skills on UiPath Robotic Process Automation, quickly developed and deployed the Software Robots remotely for the State Health department. The Software Robot extracts the data from the Statewide response excel sheets and update the comprehensive records of quarantined people on a COVID-19 National Health Portal.

These software robots typically updates these records around 8-10 times faster than as manually done and without any errors. This automation helps the state relieve the overworked teams engaged to carry out this activity. And it would give The National Health Department better visibility on the details of quarantined people faster than before, so they could plan and react in a more agile way.

Risetech Software team has developed many more automations using UiPath RPA platform which can help Government Authorities in responding to various scenarios in Covid-19 situation eg

  • Bulk Lockdown e-pass Generation using Software bots
  • Extracting latest statewide Medicine MIS status 7 Statewide Healthcare Infrastructure details from the Web based application
  • Automated WhatsApp based outbound messages to key officers

Risetech Software team can quickly engage with and discuss different Robotic Process Automations with Govt agencies and deliver very impactful software robots. There are many such repetitive tasks in any department’s application software operations which can be accelerated using UiPath RPA.

Article published on UI path global Portal. Solution developed by RISE TECH SOFTWARE PVT.LTD.for State Govt.s using UI paths Bots and Studio related to monitoring of Quarantined citizens by Govt.


During this pandemic situation where it’s hard for everyone to be calm I feel there should be few key points that one must follow. Firstly, make a schedule to follow for each day as you have been following on all normal working day this will keep things systematic and defined. Secondly, give 3/4 days in a week for doing Yoga or Exercise as per your inner core pleasant outburst. Divide your work into hourly phases as time for kids, wife and hobby. Time for team, time for self assessment and knowledge updation.

Manoj Tiwari Dir. Rise Tech Software Pvt LTd
Manoj Tiwari Dir. Rise Tech        Software Pvt LTd

Lastly, try to keep oneself busy as to how you can resize company and put in more innovation and invention with upgration in knowledge. Always keep positive Energy recharged to do all kind of work and avoid all negatives and negative vibes from yourself and family.

Advantage of this COVID situation on the IT industry is very well observed. In the coming time focus of work will be from Home which needs Laptops, VPN solutions etc and work accomplishments will focus on Video conferencing. Hence most important things to keep into consideration will be to provide full security via cyber security solutions will inhibit.    So all this has enhanced the scope of IT industry. All multinationals are focusing on these above parameters. In the field of Education IT sector is making full dedication to provide secured and safe online classes , modules  and e- contents. Focus will be automation and benefit to Hospitals, production industries as well. Banking sector has too been declared as an emergency sector (BFSI) so to automate it’s working also is prime focus of IT. industry.