August 14, 2020

UC Browser Undergoes Makeover; Update Launched On iOS And Windows

India’s No.1 mobile browser UC Browser has received a major overhaul. The developer of the browser UCWeb has UC Browserrecently released the new versions of the browser for its iPhone Operating System (iOS) as well as Windows users. 

The updated UC Browser for Windows now comes with UCWeb’s cloud-enabled browsing technology which happens to be one of the biggest strengths of UC Browser for mobile. Its data compression technology will not only consume less data but also ensure faster browsing speeds and quicker results, promising a better battery life. Bookmarks and tabs in the application are also expected to appear in the browser automatically.

With an aim to offer unified and streamlined browsing experience to its users, UC browser is all set to expand into other screens. It is the era of multi-screens as people, now-a-days not only use their desktops to browse Internet but also make use of smartphones, tablets, phablets and notebooks. Hence, UC Browser’s penetration to multiple platforms aims to give enhanced user experience.

The new browser is also integrated with a file manager which would allow its users to sort out collections as per the type and the ability to pause or resume downloads.

While the UC Browser version 5.2 is available for free download on Windows, the upgrade for iOS platform has not been introduced yet. However, the update is expected to come with big changes like user interface redesign, ad blocker and a video player.