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UC Browser becomes 2nd most popular mobile browser

  uc browser
The company captured more than half of mobile browsing market share both in India and Indonesia as these two countries have become the new frontier for mobile Internet, driven mostly by the rapid growth of their connected population.
The popularity of UC Browser attributes to its fast speed and easy access to local content and services.
It gaining foothold in the three most populous emerging markets globally in China, India and Indonesia. All these three countries have a total population of 2.8 billion, accounting for over one third of the world’s population.
Meanwhile, UC Web also boasts of the number one spot in Pakistan (33.76 per cent, October 2015, Stat Counter percent) and has been seeing encouraging performance among other countries.
UC Browser’s strength is its signature cloud-enabled browsing technology that can compress data by up to 60 per cent, ability to compress page to provide faster page loading & data cost saving along with localized content, catering to each unique market.
Deep localization and strong synergistic partnerships with local content providers has boosted downloads and engagement with the browser.