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Uber Wins the Appeal against TFIL

Uber, a multi-running technology corporation can keep working in England’s capital after the tech company won an appeal from the court on 28th September. The company pleads because transit regulators refused to renew uber’s license.

The deputy chief magistrate has said that uber was earlier failing at its service but now it seems to hold a London PHV operator’s license.

Though, he also said that he needs to know until when uber’s license needs to be renewed and what will be the conditions under which it will run.


Image from Uber

Uber still operated even when the judge had not approved for the appeal. Uber received the news after a 4 day- long hearing at Westminster Magistrates’ Court in London.

London’s transport rejected the riding service’s application for a new license as the company was cited causing a risk to the passengers. Other than this, it was noticed that there has been a presence of a lot of unauthorized drivers who have been driving around the country and have uploaded pictures of other drivers.

But as per the country’s magistrate, he didn’t find such activities taking place across the country especially the accusations of drivers being a fraud.

The case has already appeared in the year, 2017 but the solution to that scenario was that the court granted the riding service a license which lasted up to fifteen months.